Website creation: Most answered FAQs

Have you ever wondered who created certain fantastic sites where you end up when you browse the Internet? Well, that’s the first question we’re going to answer: it was possibly Webfarus. Now, to find out the answers to all the other questions related to website creation, you’ll have to keep reading!

Website creation: FAQs posted by our clients in the planning phase

website creation may seem like a strange mix of technology and magic , but don’t worry because we’re going to unravel the sorcery, starting with the planning phase:

How much does a website cost?

The price of a professional website varies depending on its complexity, with a simple one-page website costing just €500 and a website with advanced e-commerce features costing €5,000.

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What should it include?

Simple or complex, a website must always include essential elements, such as an attractive home page, detailed information about products/services, an “about us” page to introduce the company, a contact page, customer testimonials and a portfolio of work (if applicable) .
Nowadays, a website also usually includes specific features, such as contact forms, integration with social networks, blog and online store.

How long does it take to complete?

It depends on the project’s features: a simple website may take a week, a more complex website, such as an online store with advanced features, may take one or two months. Here at Webfarus we always indicate the expected completion date and make every effort to never exceed it.

Why should I award the website creation project to your company?

Because Webfarus is a Digital Marketing agency with proven expertise in developing professional websites , which offers personalized solutions adapted to your needs, and with an excellent cost-benefit ratio!

And as Webfarus is fully committed to helping your company achieve an effective online presence that substantially improves commercial results, it also offers other complementary services that you may need over time, such as content production, social network managements and advertising management Google Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads.

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Website creation: FAQs posted by our clients in the design and development phase

We won’t reveal all the secrets of the web masters, but we can answer the most common questions about the website design and development phase:

What are the steps in creating a website?

At Webfarus, the website building process goes through 7 steps :

  1. Interview + briefing, to define objectives, target audience and content.
  2. Content creation + SEO, to ensure that the website is competitive and easily found by the target audience.
  3. Layout + design, to execute the virtual “model” of the website.
  4. Coding, to program and transform the images and layout created into codes interpretable by browsers.
  5. Programming + testing, to reach the 1st version of the website (application of HTML and CSS codes, incorporation of plugins and tests).
  6. Publishing, to put the website online, after hiring a domain and hosting.
  7. Maintenance, to update and ensure that all implemented features continue to work beautifully.

Will the site be personalized or based on templates that can be used by other companies?

The website will be personalized and exclusive, in order to meet your specific needs and stand out from the competition. We adapt the website’s design, features and content to your brand’s objectives and institutional image.

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What programming language do you use in website development?

The predominant programming language is PHP, with WordPress being one of the most used content management platforms at Webfarus, to create professional, personalized, dynamic and flexible websites.

Will the site be mobile responsive?

Clear! The website will be responsive, that is, capable of adapting automatically to screens on smaller devices, such as smartphones and tablets, providing good readability and, consequently, a good user experience, essential for reaching a wider audience.

How will navigation and information architecture work?

Intuitively, simply and pleasantly! On our websites and online stores, visitors can easily find the information they are looking for, because we have created clear navigation menus and well-organized categories.

Are you also responsible for creating content, such as texts and images?

Yes, we also offer content creation services to ensure quality texts, photographs, videos and audio that are relevant to your target audience.

Do you do SEO optimization for search engines?

Obvious! We perform SEO optimization to bring your website to the top of Google search results, helping you attract more organic traffic and reach a wider audience.

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Do you create email accounts? How many email accounts are included in the website creation project?

We create personalized email accounts for your domain, as many as needed!

What security measures will be implemented on the site?

Depending on the type of project, firewalls and other intrusion detection systems, frequent backups, access restrictions, regular software and plugin updates, and SSL certificates to encrypt data, among other security measures, may be implemented.

Hosting, domain and SSL: what are they and what are they for?

Do they comply with the legislation applicable to websites and online stores?

Ever! We comply with all current laws and regulations, including the Personal Data Protection Law, Electronic Commerce Law and Consumer Protection Law. We inform you about the use of cookies, resolution of consumer disputes, protection of personal data (respecting the rules of the GDPR), Electronic Complaints Book and we also comply with rules exclusive to online stores in Portugal, such as the Distance Contracts Law, the e-Law Commerce, Law of Prices and Price Reductions and Advertising Code.

Website creation: FAQs posted by our customers during the hosting and maintenance phase

And now, get ready to explore the main FAQs in the world of website creation: from choosing a domain to the magic behind the “buy” button:

What are the website domain options?

The most common domain extensions are .pt (suitable for companies wanting to establish a local presence), (suitable for companies operating in Portugal) and .com (suitable for any type of company). We also use the domain .eu (suitable for companies operating in several European countries), .net (suitable for various purposes), .org (suitable for non-profit organizations) and .info (suitable for information sites).

What are the website hosting options?

Tailor-made options for sites using WordPress that allow owners to focus more on the content and growth of their sites, without worrying about space and technical infrastructure.

Do you have any support services available?

For sure! We offer an ongoing support service after the website is created to ensure it remains fully operational. In addition to clarifying your doubts and resolving potential problems that may arise, we update the website whenever necessary, ensuring its relevance for visitors.

Will you monitor the site’s data?

Come on, continuous monitoring is important to ensure that the website is always accessible, performing well and has a good loading speed. We also track visitor traffic to identify trends and make software and security updates.

Can I make updates to the website myself?

Yes, administration on WordPress sites is relatively simple: you can make content updates yourself, add images, publish blog articles and perform other basic tasks site maintenance, without having to resort to Webfarus… just as you can delegate these tasks to our team!

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Remember, website creation can seem like a real maze, but with the right answers, you won’t get lost in cyberspace! And if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Webfarus!

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