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Importance of Having An Attractive design

It is, in fact, fantastic how much you can achieve with an attractive looking website. Without a doubt, the first impression counts, especially in this area, in which the customer easily deviates to the competition. With an attractive design, the customer will feel like continuing to visit and read your website.


The design of a web application, blog or website is not just an interface. Design is also a very important part of the visual identity of the brand behind it. Thus, the work of web designers must, inevitably, incorporate the knowledge of one of the areas of marketing: branding. And it is when entering the field of marketing  that the artistic side of designers is most used.


The beauty of the website should serve to generate sensations in the visitor that induce him to purchase and allow interaction with the brand, in the most positive way possible.


All kinds of subjective aspects of design have a little to do with UX (User Experience), such as color psychology, the aesthetic organization of the elements of an application, among other aspects. The fact that everything is easy to find on the screen and to be used is quite technical and is the responsibility of the UI (User Interface).


So, although he works in the technology field, the web designer is a kind of computer artist. It combines beauty and functionality, because, after all, not everything that works pleases the eye, and not everything that is beautiful is useful


Importance of attractive design

  1. An attractive design must be functional and responsive enough, enhancing the user experience. The user experience, on the other hand, is something very personal and is linked to emotions. Although this experience is not consciously identified by the user, it is part of a series of reasons that keep him browsing the same website.
  2. Much of the trust placed in a brand and, mainly, the safety and comfort it represents when someone buys something online, goes through the sensations provoked in the customer. An attractive design creates a link of trust between you and the visitors and an attractive, welcoming and effective look will facilitate the connection between the website itself and the user, and the brand will inspire more confidence when selling.
  3. An attractive appearance and an effective design enhance the growth of the website. More traffic to the site and with a lower bounce rate. Most internet users are prone to aspects of design that inspire curiosity. The more a website impresses and inspires its visitors, the more traffic it will generate and therefore the more it will contribute to the development of your website.

If you are looking to create an attractive website or ways to improve the look of your website to make it more attractive to customers, Webfarus and its team are here to help you.

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