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Our company has an online complaints book for its customers.
If you intend to submit a complaint to an article or product purchased or other matter, it deserves our best attention. Please contact me first to have the opportunity to resolve your problem.
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Electronic Complaint Book
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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution covers mediation, conciliation and arbitration of consumer disputes in Portugal. ADR entities are the entities authorized to perform mediation, conciliation and arbitration that must be registered in the list of ADR entities provided by Law 144/2015. They are independent entities, with specialized staff, that, in an impartial way, on the one hand, help the consumer and the company to reach an amicable solution through mediation or conciliation, or, on the other hand, if such an agreement is not reached, allow a decision to be taken by arbitrators in a simple and fast process, through arbitration.

When can I resort to out-of-court dispute resolution through an ADR entity?

When faced with a problem with a supplier of goods or a service provider, and in the event that they fail to reach an agreement, the consumer can initiate proceedings against the supplier through an ADR entity, provided that

  • They are initiated by a consumer against a supplier of goods or service provider;
  • They concern contractual obligations arising from contracts of sale or provision of services;
  • The contract is concluded between a supplier of goods or provider of services and consumers established and resident, respectively, in Portugal and in the European Union.
Which Alternative Dispute Resolution entity can I turn to in a dispute?

CIMAAL – Algarve Conflict Arbitration Centre


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