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Digital Marketing For Dentists

There was a time when there was a taboo on talking about marketing in the health area. Investing in it was considered a “commercialization” of the profession, raising doubts from an ethical and legal point of view. The view is now very different and the benefits are increasingly understood, both for the dentist and the patient.


Dental Marketing, in addition to helping to build a reliable and solid image of the clinic (and/or the dentist), making it a reference in the market (reputation), helps to bring the dentist closer to the patient, clarifying doubts and educating about the segment. And even though it’s a very delicate and serious topic, it’s a business like any other that needs to earn money and grow!
Did you know that, in terms of health, patients at dental clinics, before making an appointment, spend 77% of their time searching online for solutions? Now read below….


Google Data
Google receives over 70,000 searches per second. How many of these surveys refer to your service or area of expertise?
SEJ Data

93% of online experiences start with a search engine like Google. How many of those experiences end up in appointments at your clinic?

INE Data
More than 80% of Portuguese people with Internet access are on social networks. How many “friends” has your clinic made lately?
Neil Patel Data

Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and captures three times more leads. How much are you investing in content marketing?


We have helped several dental clinics to easily and quickly reach patients who:


Our work has brought visible and often immediate results. The following graph presents a real situation two years ago.

2 Year Earnings

For example, one of our clients has already broken four monthly billing records in three years; another doubled the number of new consultation requests in the first month; another even improved services and doubled its turnover in 20 months.

Earnings in the 1st Year

Invoicing 20%
New Clients 70%
Reputation 45%

Earnings in the 2nd Year

Invoicing 45%
New Clients 100%
Reputation 100%


Market Share

Increase the share of patients in the region, the market share, in percentage


Making new customers counts for little if you don’t retain the patient base


Improve recognition and image of the clinic (direct influence on loyalty)

How are we going to do it?

Our proposal is to meet with the management and get to know the clinic, services and staff in person. The next step will be to create your institutional website, fully dedicated, and which will serve as the basis for all the work to be carried out later in order to channel the largest number of users in your region to your clinic.


Because we are passionate about marketing and website creation and obsessed with bringing great results to your life and to the lives of everyone who crosses paths with us.

Luis Horta, CEO of Webfarus, throughout his career, has created hundreds of websites and executed dozens of marketing campaigns for clients around the world, namely in the area of oral health. As a teacher, he has over 25 years of experience in University and Secondary Education in Portugal.

marketing digital para dentistas