Beautiful and cheap websites?

Not just selling!

If you want to make a presence on the Internet just “just because”, with a website that doesn’t attract visitors, that doesn’t convert or is reflected in sales, you have to look for solutions in the competition.

Here at Webfarus, we only make professional and personalized websites that place our clients’ companies at the top of Google, attracting consumers like there’s no tomorrow!

What can bring more visitors to a website and more sales to an online store? I’m happy to explain! Click here and ask me or read on.

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Website Creation

A professional website is not a plus, it’s a must!

A Professional Website

It's not a differential, it's a must!

With more than 8 million Portuguese Internet users spending around 8 hours a day online, having a professional website is not a differential, it is a must for any company that wants to attract consumers and boost sales!

Please note that I do not question the excellent quality of your product/service or the competence of your team, but if you want to increase your brand’s reach, gain notoriety and maximize revenue, you really need to improve your presence on the Internet, starting with investing on a website that generates results. Because if it generates results it will make a profit and if it makes a profit, you are completely satisfied, right?

You don't need my help because you already have a website?

Perhaps. But before making a decision, I advise you to answer these questions…

Has your site not been changed for more than 3 years?

Oops! It is no longer appealing to its customers, because advances in new technologies and constant changes in consumption habits dictate new trends every day.

Does the website have a unique design?

This is one of the consequences of choosing a free website whose templates can be used by several companies. Fortunately, there is still time to consider creating a professional website with a unique design that adds value to your brand and differentiates you from the competition.

Is the website not responsive?

You are missing out on great sales opportunities because the majority of Portuguese consumers (93.75%) access the Internet via smartphones and other devices with smaller screens… and believe me, none of them are willing to zoom in to be able to read your content !

Website doesn't load quickly?

1, 2… more than 3 seconds and visitors give up waiting and look for a solution from the competition. That’s why speed is key to closing more deals!

Does the site lack relevant content?

What a shame! Thus, it is unable to attract visitors or show the benefits of its products/services, presenting solutions capable of transforming leads into customers.

Is the site not optimized for SEO?

So it won’t appear in the top places of search results! Which is regrettable, since around 82.4% of Portuguese users turn to Google when they need to obtain some type of information, namely about products and services. But since your company does not do SEO optimization, it does not appear at the top of Google with everything on top to attract more organic traffic to the website or online store.

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Are you missing out on great business opportunities?

Was! Awareness is the first step towards a perfect website that increases your company's profit. Call me now!

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Advantages of Website Creation Service

Make a presence on the Internet
The office of successful companies!

So should I invest in this
Website Creation Service?

Undoubtedly! Regardless of the size and area of activity of your company, to take the brand out of ostracism and achieve all these advantages, you must invest in my Website Creation Service and implement your best service channel on the Internet.

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Without commitment

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Advantages of the Online Store Creation Service

Sell on the Internet, the largest store in the world!

So should I invest in this
Online Store Creation Service?

If you have a product or service that you can sell over the Internet, of course you do! With European e-commerce reaching 757 billion euros in 2021 and with 70% of Portuguese users shopping online, opening an e-commerce is not a cost, but an investment with a great return.

luis horta marketing digital para dentistas

Without commitment

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Creation of Websites and Online Stores

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Discover my Strategy for Creating Websites and Online Stores

15 Steps to Show Up, Win, and Sell!
  1. Check-up to assess and identify gaps on your site.
  2. Competitor analysis.
  3. Definition of the company’s objectives and profile of the target audience.
  4. Project planning.
  5. Inclusion of attractive, modern, intuitive and dynamic layout.
  6. Responsive design for a good read on any device.
  7. Organized structure and easy navigation.
  8. Addition of specific features.
  9. Effective communication through relevant content.
  10. SEO optimization for search engines.
  11. Institutional blog to increase organic traffic.
  12. Integration with social networks.
  13. Implementation of an easy-to-use content manager.
  14. Results monitoring.
  15. Technical support service.
Why should you hire my

Website Creation Services and Online Stores?

Because I have a strong technical knowledge, the result of many years of experience in creating professional websites.


Because I have a team of professionals specialized in different fundamental areas for the creation of websites and online stores that sell.


Because my clients validate the quality of my work, confirm the respect for the stipulated deadlines and the permanent focus on results.


Because I have the passion and dedication needed to develop pages that delight users and rank well on Google.

Digital Marketing

Because in parallel, I offer a series of Digital Marketing Services that sooner or later you will need to consolidate your brand on the Internet and attract and retain (even) more customers!

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