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SYes, because there are also others…

What is the use of opening a store downtown if people do not visit, do not enter, do not buy? What is the essence of creating a website if it is not visited, if you do not make sales? But what makes a website more or less visited? What makes a website sell or not sell? I am happy to explain to you! Ask me or read on.

Site Quality

Definitely! The way a website is made, the knowledge and experience of the programmer and designer, the technique and technology used. Of vital importance! You can see, for example, that this site loads in less than 2 seconds. It is known that any site that requires more than 3.5 seconds to load will be penalized by Google and probably abandoned by the visitor!
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The Strategy

A website must always fit into a strategy! If it is created loosely, it will not eventually produce the desired results. Opening a store in the downtown area and simply waiting for customers to enter without another strategy could put the future of the business at risk. But, visit the page on Digital Marketing Strategy or contact me. I will be happy to explain further.

How is it done?

The sites I make have an Attractive Design because I know that it only takes 7 seconds to have a first impression! They are ready for all devices, fixed and mobile. They are prepared in detail because details matter, and Google knows it! They are integrated with social networks and designed for marketing and statistics platforms. Nothing is left to chance!
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