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Advertising on Social Media

You probably already know about the importance of Social Networks for Digital Marketing. You already have a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. Now you need to garner likes or followers and show your content, products, or services.


First, you should know that Facebook and Instagram are owned by Mark Zuckerberg, and both use the same ad manager. Both have millions of registered users, so the potential reach of advertising is enormous. Recent studies point to the growth of this type of advertising investment in the order of 48 billion dollars in 2021 (Statista data).


Before advertising or choosing where to advertise – Facebook or Instagram – you must define your target audience. After doing so, you will have to take into account that Instagram is used by 50.7% of women; that the main age group of the public of this social network is from 18 to 34 years old (60% of the total public); and that Facebook is the champion inactive users (over 2 billion active users per month).


Finally, which one to choose, if you have to choose one of the two? Well, the truth is, there is no way to choose a better one. These are completely different experiences, although some argue that it’s at least twice as good to advertise on Instagram. If that’s true, we add that it will be because people on facebook are already tired of so much marketing. Everything will also depend on what you want. If you sell a product or a service, highlight your salon, etc.


The Importance of Investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social networks began to realize that people’s feeds began to be flooded by brands that saw the potential of these channels and began to use them as an advertising medium. As a result, advertising on social media will help strengthen your company’s marketing strategy. But to be successful with this type of practice, it is important that it is in accordance with your company’s objectives and with the initiatives already defined and planned to increase the visibility of the brand.


Algorithm Facebook – The visibility of your ads

It is increasingly difficult to show content and there are already many companies vying for the user’s limited attention. To filter this large number of content, Facebook has an Edge Rank algorithm that determines the most relevant content for each person, based on their behavior on the social network. So, as good as your efforts to improve the content in order to increase your organic reach, a paid push is essential to getting great results.


The cost of advertising on social media

Investing in social media continues to be much cheaper than traditional media. And by being able to segment the audience, we ensure that we don’t spend on advertising to a non-target audience. In fact, on social networks, a very small investment allows us to get great results, in addition to very useful consumer feedback and metrics that we can analyze. In any case, for your campaign to be successful in the long term, it needs to be profitable, and, in this case, it is important to understand the working logic of the Facebook auction: Schedule vs. Costs or Performance vs. Costs.


Invest in Instagram and Facebook advertising

The techniques and options are endless, and the beauty of the strategy and investment online is that we can stop or change at any time, adjusting according to the results.


At Webfarus, working with brands is our passion, and we are responsible for several Instagram and Facebook pages for brands such as Atelier do Sorriso, MyCenter, Activa System, Nathalie Charlot, and Farcondominios.


Our team does all creation and management of ads on Instagram and Facebook with the goals you define, such as lead generation, online sales, increased visibility or traffic, etc.


Increase your business presence on social media with more relevance! Find new customers and retain current ones.

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