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The economic crisis and a market full of companies competing with each other, form a scenario in which, a connected and selective consumer is unlikely to buy on impulse. In turn, you will evaluate the options well and choose the one that you trust most.

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself

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Acquiring the desired credibility and authority for your brand is very valuable and often depends on a lot of operational and strategic work. However, there are some strategies and tools that can facilitate this process and we, at Webfarus, are specialists in this matter.

Some brands are recognized or rather more popular compared to others. When we see a sentence or an image, we can say what brand it is without the need for more information. Other times, we feel that certain brands are better than others in the same industry.

How Do We Create Online Authority?

Creating online authority is a strategy that focusses on strengthening the brand name, and it is the most effective way to convert. Do you want to know how to market your brand with us? See how we do it!

1. Content marketing

Many companies produce generic texts and content without personality, acting without any kind of strategy. Online authority is only real when your audience identifies with your brand and trusts you. In this case, content marketing is the ideal resource to generate this recognition, as it is a strategy whose focus is to deliver value to people.

2. SEO

SEO stands for  Search Engine Optimization which means “search engine optimization”. In a nutshell, it is a set of strategies that improve the ranking of a website in search engines (Google, etc.).

3. Social Networks

It is almost impossible to talk about online authority without mentioning social media. It is through them that your company is able to establish its digital presence, but everything must be thought according to the preferences of your audience. To work with trust in people, you need to be accessible.

4. Marketing email

Does your company use email to create and maintain a relationship with users? By choosing not to invest in this digital marketing tool, you are missing out on the opportunity to strengthen your online authority and improve your new sales results and also the ability to retain customers.

5. Branding

Making an effective brand management is essential to build your online authority, after all, it is through branding that a company becomes, in addition to known, identifiable. This is the strategy that explains why, for example, an iPhone is much more expensive than other smartphone models.

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