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Today, more than ever, it is important that companies have a strong online presence. Not having a current, attractive, fast,  responsive, and optimized website for search engines can jeopardize your company’s survival. Believe me, many businesses today are entirely done through digital channels and those that are not done exclusively through this channel, sooner or later, find it a huge business opportunity.


Does your Agency or Company have a website?

Creating a website allows your company to have greater credibility with its target audience. It is not just a fashion, but increasing awareness of the advantages of using the global network as a method of advertising and business. Perhaps due to ignorance, many businesses resist this widening of borders, the break with the past of advertising and commerce, and the safe investment that is having your company or business housed in the largest shopping centre in the world!


Do you have a website, but it doesn’t work?

The objective of any investment is to generate results and improve business profitably. Either your website is poorly built and is devalued by Google and those who visit it, or your website is not optimized for results. A simple audit will be able to determine the source of the main problems.


5 Reasons for your Agency or Company to have a Website

1. Be Found

Your company can be fantastic, provide the best service on the market and offer a product of the highest quality. But what if people can’t understand and find what they do? Having a website is the simplest way to make yourself known!

2. Gain Market Authority

If you know of two solutions to your problem and only one has its website, which one do you trust? In a company with its domain or a company with a fan page on Facebook? I don’t intend to take the merit out of social media. They, in fact, play a key role in Digital Marketing strategies. But it is important to realize that a website is much more customizable, professional, and institutional than a social profile.

3. Expanding the business

One of the objectives of Webfarus is to help companies have predictable and scalable growth through Inbound Marketing. However, this will not be possible if these companies do not have a website with their domain. To acquire more customers, more Leads are needed. To generate more Leads, you need more visitors. And to acquire more visitors, it is essential to have a website to receive them.

The website is often the first channel of contact between your company and the future customer. And Inbound Marketing allows these customers to reach you instead of chasing them.

4. Connect with your audience

The consumer is no longer only in a reactive stance towards marketing and advertising. It is absolutely normal for him to research a brand or your problem on the internet before making a purchase decision. And that is when your company’s website will make a difference.

There are several ways to maintain a relationship with your audience:

  • Publish blog posts or rich material about problems facing the audience;
  • Respond to people’s comments on blog posts;
  • Create a FAQ/contact center with answers to the most common questions;
  • Record and make videos available to customers online;
  • Have a chat in real-time to serve customers.

There are many more possibilities, but the important thing here is to know that your website is like your virtual office, so each visitor should be treated as if they were visiting your company.

5. Sell

According to the good practices of the Inbound Marketing methodology, after attracting, converting, and relating, it is time to sell.

So, if the sale is consultative, the site supports the seller when closing the deal. If the sale is self-service, a website with an online store will help grow your business by allowing customers to purchase wherever and whenever they are most comfortable.

Are you looking in the Algarve for an Agency for Creating Professional Websites for Companies?

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