The Importance Of Digital Marketing​

Digital Marketing is nothing more than using digital channels to “do marketing”

But Marketing is not just advertising; it entails much more… It is strategy; it is planning; it is implementation; it is monitoring, and it is analysis. Always with an aim to deliver to VALUE to the customer and financial return to the Brand! Marketing is a mental war. It is the ideas that are in people’s minds that determine whether or not a product will succeed.

Digital Marketing is nothing more than using digital channels to “do marketing”

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1. The Strategy

The search for digital marketing strategies that bring good results is one of the most important investments of a company. After all, through well-executed projects and actions, the business will even attract public attention and win more customers and sales.


There is no point in investing heavily on Instagram if your audience only uses Facebook. This is just an example that shows that you need to be present where the customer is and not invest in the wrong way.


Marketing Strategy is everything and involves:

  1. Define the objective(s)
  2. Know and select the target audience
  3. Set the tone and style of communication
  4. Identify channels and tools
  5. Integration between channels and/or tools
  6. Open channels to receive feedback
  7. Studying the competition
  8. Define tasks and goals
  9. Update the schedule
  10. Monitor and evaluate

2. Planning

In order to identify the best path to follow, it is necessary to know, first of all, where you want to go. In fact, strategies need time to deliver results. With this in mind, one should analyze the current situation (problems, opportunities, threats), establish objectives, metrics to evaluate and design the way to achieve them in the next 12 months.


To create a strategic digital marketing plan, objectives must be based on hard data and, above all, with viable goals. It will be through these strategies that the brand will be known.


3. Implementation of the Strategy

The first step in starting a marketing plan is to see the business from the outside. Make an analysis of what has already been done or what needs to be done. Yes, it may seem obvious; however, not all leaders have the habit or the availability to correctly visualize where the company is, where it wants to go with it and what is necessary for that.


After the marketing plan is analyzed and ready, it is time to put it into practice and, above all, keep an eye on it to make sure that it will perform as expected.


There are currently tools on the market that allow you to assess whether the plan is being carried out efficiently and, thus, have a complete view on monitoring your projects.


4. Follow-up

The marketing strategy needs to obtain the expected results.


It will do no good to focus efforts on a campaign with relevance and quality, but not to monitor its performance. The data/information produced by this monitoring will contribute – and a lot – to the adjustments of the strategy, the production of the next contents, the narrowing of the relationship with the client and the very achievement of the company’s objectives in relation to the marketing campaign.


5. The Analysis

To find out if digital marketing strategies are producing the expected results and what should be adjusted, it is necessary to monitor the execution. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the reports of visits, conversions, and all established statistics.


In strategy, we are only defeated if we do not follow and try to grow with the experience.


6. Success Story

The client: Activa System is a company that offers personalized security and video surveillance solutions to companies and individuals with objectives for the national market.


The problem: Activa System’s main challenge was to advertise and sell the product and services, with competition from international giants operating in Portugal. Promoting and solidifying the brand and increasing sales were its main objectives.


What was done: a specific strategy was developed for the Activa System, in which the requirements were met and the results guaranteed. A Google Ads and Facebook Pixel campaign with Re-Marketing was created, with the help of publications on social networks, creation of landing pages for products, production of exclusive content for the Blog, development of e-commerce, and creation of visual identity.The Result: with 100 € of investment, the site grew from a few dozen visitors a week, to one thousand five hundred potential customers; had 44 leads and more than a thousand business opportunities in 8 days. Now, the showcase of Activa System is for the WORLD!


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