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All types of business must have a presence on Social Networks. The audience that visits your site has accounts on at least one or two social platforms. These are, without a doubt, a fantastic vehicle for promoting your website.


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You are aware of the benefits of integrating Social Networks with your Site in a tourist region like the Algarve, Faro? We will explain in general why your website should be integrated with social networks. Read on…


The Importance of Social Media Integration on Your Site

For example, visiting Facebook, you will probably see a large number of publications with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of “likes” and shares. These are the views that an article or product on your site could have gotten if someone had shared it. The integration of the website with these platforms offers additional channels for promoting its content and diversifying its communication. Social networks offer the best opportunities for solidifying a business strategy.


1. Greater interactivity on the site

The interaction on social networks keeps customers “connected”, motivated. And when incorporating logins or registration through social networks, customers access their website or online store without the need for registration procedures.


2. Increased brand visibility

Undoubtedly, the first and immediate benefit is increased brand visibility. Just by positioning themselves in the online market, new people will know “the competitor” of the brand they usually buy.


Getting loyal followers, they will end up being promoters of your company, taking your content to other potential customers. it’s a huge advantage, especially since it won’t cost your company coffers anything.


3. More traffic

The use of social networks allows the construction of a relationship with each client. As a follow-up, the dissemination of content that the public identifies with will increase traffic to the website or online store.


It is very difficult to sell immediately to a new visitor. The effective way to be able to make a sale is to try to keep it close by and redirect it to your social media profiles. That way, they can continue to receive notifications about brand updates.

But how to integrate Social Networks?

Integration with social networks is an initiative that must be taken. This integration simplifies everything about digital marketing, consolidating all aspects into an easy-to-execute strategy. This integration must be done by a professional; however, we have prepared some tips to let you know what we are talking about:

  • Social Login – so that users can conveniently register or log in to your online store, without the usual registration process and passwords. With this functionality, you will also have access to social data, helping to know your audience more and allowing you to further improve your digital campaigns.
  • Instagram Photos – Show Instagram photos on your website. This feature allows people who visit your website to find out about your presence on Instagram, which will lead to an increase in the number of followers of your profile. 
  • Social Video Marketing – These videos have the advantage of being easily integrated from social networks (for example YouTube) to your website, making the website’s content richer and bringing your social network to the user’s knowledge.
  • Sharing Buttons – Buttons with links to social networks must be visible, but discreet.

If you find this page useful, contact Webfarus and its team of professionals to learn how to integrate social networks with your website.

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