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The Importance of Mobile Ready Design

Have you ever heard your site viewers complaining of the website being ‘desktop view only?’ It means your website is not mobile-friendly, and mobile devices cannot access that website.

Did you know that mobile devices cause more than half of all global web traffic? If you are still in doubt, check the statistics from 2015-2020, and you will realize why you need to optimize your website to be mobile-ready.

However, some companies still do not realize that if you want to remain relevant in the e-commerce business today, your website must be mobile-ready. In 2016 Mobilegeddon encouraged a series of companies to upgrade their website to mobile-friendly sites but if you have not made the improvement, here is why you need it.

Importance of mobile-ready

1. Improves reliability

One of the most vital aspects of keeping a constant flow of customers is trust. Trust is built depending on your reliability. A mobile-friendly website creates a reliable connection between your website and the customers by enabling all-time accessibility irrespective of the device used.

2. Improves service convenience

People prefer online services that they carry out at the comfort of their home from their mobile phones. Whether it is online shopping or ticket booking, it is very easy for the customers to make the purchase as quickly as possible through the phone. A mobile-friendly website is capable of making those services of the website convenient for the customer.

3. Attracts more customers

The majority of people enjoy browsing from their mobile phones. Therefore if something is interesting on your website, the chances are high that most viewers will be accessing your website through mobile phones. Moreover, if your mobile-friendly website offers a good user experience, I wouldn’t mind coming back for more.

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