Como aumentar as vendas na Black Friday?

Credit cards cry while merchants laugh with satisfaction. This is how it is on the last Friday of November, when consumers take to the streets to face crowds in search of the best discount or line up in online competitions to be the first to press the “buy now” button. Still, are you afraid that your company will lose a significant share to the competition? This won’t happen if you follow the next tips to increase sales on Black Friday!

Review your website or e-commerce

It is often not enough to have a good product with a significant discount to increase sales on Black Friday. It is also necessary to invest in a modern website or e-commerce with all the features that attract customers, namely:

  • Responsive design for great readability on mobile devices.
  • Simple and intuitive navigation so visitors quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Detailed product descriptions and quality images that highlight the items from different angles.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling proposals.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Chat and online support to answer consumer questions in real time.
  • Security seals.
  • Different payment options.
  • Clear and transparent return policy.

1st golden tip to increase sales on Black Friday:

Make sure your website or e-commerce site loads quickly because there is nothing better to drive away customers than slow websites!

Create a landing page

In addition to refreshing the website or online store, it is a good idea to create a Black Friday landing page, that is, a digital showcase with an attractive design and clear information, which indicates which products are discounted and increases the number of contacts. And that’s because (take note!) at this time of year consumers are more likely to fill out forms, if you can create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action with call-to-actions such as “exclusive offer”, “make yours now pre-booking” or “be the first to buy product X”, for example.

2nd Golden Tip to increase sales on Black Friday:

Add a countdown to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to take action before the offer ends.

Write blog articles

Blog articles can be the best allies to increase sales on Black Friday if they talk about the benefits of discounted products, explaining how they can respond to consumers’ needs. Additionally, blog articles can improve search engine positions and attract a wider audience.

3rd golden tip to increase sales on Black Friday:

In addition to blog articles with a more commercial aspect, write generic content that offers useful information to readers: “How to find the best deals on Black Friday”, “Black Friday 2023 shopping trends” or “How to prepare your shopping list for Black Friday.”

Optimize with SEO strategies

With users looking like silly cockroaches for bargains on the Internet, it is essential to optimize all your content (including images, audios and videos) with SEO strategies for search engines. This way, you can reach the top positions in Google search results for certain keywords and, as a result, increase organic traffic to your website or e-commerce.

4th golden tip to increase sales on Black Friday:

Conduct exhaustive research on keywords related to Black Friday and your specific offers and products. Then, use these keywords in images, titles and descriptions of relevant content.

Publish offers on social media

Talking about increasing sales on Black Friday is talking about the importance of publications on social networks, the secret weapons to annihilate the competition on Black Friday, as they help to publicize the best offers, segmenting to reach the right people.

Likes, comments and shares on social media make all the difference in Black Friday revenue, and informing the brand’s followers about promotions is the best way to attract new customers and boost sales.

5th golden tip to increase sales on Black Friday:

Always use super attractive images and high-quality videos to attract followers’ attention and increase the likelihood of clicks and interactions.

Send email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your customers, and send exclusive offers, coupons and other information about Black Friday, directly to their inbox! You can even segment your contact list to target specific discounts based on each person’s interests and purchasing history.

6th golden tip to increase sales on Black Friday:

Send reminders before Black Friday to keep your customers interested in promotions and generate an atmosphere of excitement.

(H2) Don’t forget post-Black Friday

People who bought your products or services on Black Friday in November must be turned into loyal customers in December. As?

  • With exclusive offers and loyalty programs.
  • With abandoned shopping cart reminders.
  • Producing relevant content about products purchased on Black Friday, such as usage tips, instructions and updates.
  • With requests for feedback on the Black Friday experience to identify improvement actions.
  • With loyalty or reward programs to encourage new purchases, such as future discounts, gifts or free deliveries.
  • With new Christmas and New Year discounts.

7th golden tip to increase sales after Black Friday:

Send thank you messages to your customers to show your appreciation for participating in Black Friday promotions, and thereby create a positive and lasting communication relationship.

Now that you have a series of killer tips to boost Black Friday sales, remember that your company needs a professional website or e-commerce and irresistible content to attract more customers! Who can help you? Webfarus, of course.

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