Digital Marketing in the Algarve​

Is your website ready?

In the Algarve or worldwide, your website can be more than just a business card. Your website can be a source of income and good business. Want to know how?

Digital Marketing Algarve

We are talking about Digital Marketing for a region. But we explain. Read on…

Well, first of all, it is important to realize that having a website is not enough and building it anyway. It is common to find entrepreneurs frustrated by having invested time and money on a website that does not generate results. But this is because they do not understand exactly how a website can help the business grow, and they deliver its construction (or optimization) to low qualified professionals. The truth is that the cheap can be expensive because not always that nephew who “understands the internet” will be able to do a job with quality.

It is not surprising that e-commerce has dominated most economic activities in the world market. According to a recent Forbes analysis, about 82% of consumers do their due diligence online about a particular product. Digital marketing, for example, in the Algarve, is now one of the most advanced marketing strategies implemented by most companies and sectors.

Digital Marketing in the Algarve

Is your company’s website prepared to generate business, for example, in Faro?

There are some important details for a website to be even suitable for digital marketing in the Algarve and to generate business in the region. Read it down, please.

1. It is not enough just to “have a website”

A website is just a tool that will allow the company to achieve its business goals. Some good examples: selling online; attract new leads; increase sales opportunities; offer a support channel for customers; provide educational content; create brand authority.

2. Built on a friendly and responsive platform

Your website should look attractive, of course, but above all, it should be built on a friendly and responsive platform. And this is, in fact, a very important detail, but that many entrepreneurs are unaware of. Ideally, the platform should be able to collaborate for good positioning, usability, be easy to manage, which allows integration with other platforms, such as CRMs, ERPs, software, etc. but mainly, that makes it possible to edit the content simply and easily.

3. Being a friend of Google

There are only two ways to appear on Google: 1) organic results (free); 2) sponsored links (paid). If you don’t invest in SEO, you’ll need sponsored ads to stay well-positioned. In the ideal world of digital marketing, we always recommend investing in both strategies. One complements the other.

4. Visible contacts

It may seem basic, but many sites do not objectively provide ways to contact the company. It is recommended to always insert this information at the top and the bottom, including the opening hours at the end of the page. If the business is local, it is highly recommended to put the address if you can add a map, preferably with a link to Google Maps, because, via mobile phone, the user can access the map and plan a route to your company address.

5. Conversion elements

The so-called call-to-action must be strategically distributed through the website. This is a mandatory point. There is no point in having an optimized website, with very rich content, an incredible layout if it is not able to get contact from visitors. After obtaining a lead, it is possible to move on to other strategies, such as lead nutrition through Inbound Marketing, for example.

6. Analysis of results

It is essential that the website collects data for analysis. This analysis makes it possible to identify what is producing results and to identify the audience that visits your site and their behavior during navigation, as well as the percentage of visitors who access and convert. Some of the possible metrics are: number of unique visitors; the number of page views; average visit time; traffic origin; conversion rate on the website; most visited pages.

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