Orthodontic marketing: how to work the magic of a captivating smile?

What is the secret behind happy customers with healthy, beautiful smiles? Marketing Orthodontics, of course! A set of strategies that unite the art of Digital Marketing with the science of Dentistry for truly impressive results.

Effectively, nowadays it is not enough to offer exceptional Orthodontic services, it is necessary to understand and master Digital Marketing actions to boost the business and increase revenue.
Read on to find out about the main strategies for attracting patients to Orthodontics!

What is Orthodontic Marketing?

Marketing Orthodontics or Dental Marketing, is the implementation of a set of Marketing strategies to publicize and promote Dental services of dental clinics.

Why should you invest in Orthodontic Marketing?

Basically, you should invest in Marketing Orthodontics – or Marketing for Dentistry – to attract, win and retain patients and improve the visibility and reputation of your dental clinic.

Understand in detail what are the advantages of Dental Marketing:

Attracting new patients

Dental Marketing strategies help to attract and retain new patients: relevant content, SEO techniques for search engines, social networks, email marketing and online advertising, among others.

Patient loyalty

Attracting new patients is good, but it is not enough to increase the profitability of your dental practice. For that to happen, it is necessary to build their loyalty, and nothing better than Marketing Orthodontics to maintain an interaction and relationship with patients over time, through regular contacts via email marketing and social networks, for example.

Expansion of the visibility and reputation of the dental clinic

Marketing for Orthodontics expands the visibility of the dental clinic, as well as its reputation in the market, which is particularly advantageous in an extremely competitive area.

Building credibility and trust

In addition to increasing the visibility and reputation of the dental clinic, Orthodontics Marketing increases credibility and helps build a relationship of trust with patients, whether through educational content or comments and evaluations, among other actions.

Increased revenue

The increase in visibility, reputation, credibility and trust results in an increase and loyalty in the number of patients that, ultimately, culminates in an increase in revenue for the dental clinic and general success of the business in the market in which it operates. All thanks to Marketing for Orthodontics!

How to do Digital Marketing for Orthodontics?

Implementing the main Dental Digital Marketing strategies to promote the services of your dental clinic, namely:

1. Renew the institutional website

Possibly you already have a website on the Internet, but it is likely that it is asking for a revamp to offer an incredible browsing experience. And that’s because websites for Orthodontics have to be intuitive and have a beautiful and modern layout, relevant content optimized with SEO strategies for search engines, fast loading and responsive design to be seen with complete readability on mobile devices, such as smartphones.

They should also contain detailed information about orthodontic services (among others), team of dentists, opening hours, contacts, agreements and testimonials from satisfied patients to build trust.

Remember that a website for Orthodontics has to be modern and dynamic to function as a true sales platform, capable of increasing revenues, standing out from the competition and appearing to thousands of users who are looking for Dentistry services, but still don’t know your dental clinic!

Take the test and find out if it’s time to redesign your website!

2. Create a blog

It costs nothing! Create a blog on your Orthodontics website to consistently publish articles with valuable information about Dentistry that answer your patients’ questions. Talk, for example, about the benefits of Orthodontics, the best oral health habits, the different types of dental appliances and post-treatment care. Compare traditional braces to Invisalign invisible braces, provide tips to prevent crooked teeth… and so on!

Content in Dentistry Marketing is a powerful strategy for generating leads and starting and maintaining relationships, directing potential patients through the sales funnel towards the appointment.

3. Optimize with SEO strategies

Optimization for search engines is critical in Orthodontic Marketing to ensure that the dental clinic website is found by the right patients. In this sense, you should use the most relevant keywords for Orthodontics, in order to improve your ranking in Google search results in your region.

Learn about free keyword research tools

4. Bet on email marketing

If you have already collected a set of email addresses of patients and potential patients interested in receiving information about your dental clinic, use them with mastery! Maintain regular and personalized contact by sending email marketing: informative newsletters, service updates, special offers… These email contacts help keep your dental clinic in the minds of patients and have a minimal cost! Furthermore, sending Marketing Ortodontia email campaigns always keeps your business in the spotlight, without requiring great efforts: the format is flexible in terms of text and layout and also allows you to take advantage of numerous tools for automatic and segmented sending.

5. Advertise your Orthodontic services

Having money available, invest in paid ads on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, for example. Quickly attract the right people! Simply search for the best keywords, distribute them across targeted ad groups to appear at the top of search, and get immediate, expressive business results.

More information about advertising on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

6. Invest in social networks

Social networks are also powerful Orthodontics Marketing strategies to relate to your audience. If you already have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn, for example, just start sharing interesting texts, photos and videos: the before and after of some patients, oral health care tips, curiosities about Orthodontics, patient testimonials customers, events, promotions… However, be aware that publishing posts is not enough, it is necessary to manage social networks well so that your clinic is seen and shared, encouraging people’s participation and responding in a timely manner to all questions from users ( including complaints).

7. Analyze the results

Finally, monitor the performance of the Orthodontics Marketing strategies – through specific tools – in order to adjust your approach to obtain better results over time.

Among the free monitoring tools, Google Analytics is the most used because it only involves the installation of a code on the pages of your Dentistry website so that you can then collect user information in the form of easy-to-interpret reports.

As you can see, more than dental treatments, it manages to deliver results through the power of Marketing Orthodontics!

Contact Webfarus – a Digital Marketing agency specializing in Marketing for Dentists – to implement all these strategies to attract patients to Orthodontics and ensure success continuation of your dental clinic.

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