Is it time to redesign your website? Let’s Take the test!

Take our test and see if it’s time to redesign your company’s website!

Just answer 7 questions to apprehend if needed to improve your online presence by revamping your website to get better results that transform into supplementary opportunities, more customers, more sales and more profit.

1. Website hasn’t changed in the last 3 years?

This is because the advance in new technologies and the constant changes in consumer habits have to be reflected in your website so that it continues to attract users by informing that your company is up to date with current trends.  

2. The site doesn’t have a modern layout?

If you don’t redesign your site from time to time, you can’t keep up with web design trends and present a modern, clean and appealing layout, capable of reflecting your company’s identity, attracting visitors and retaining them for longer.  

3. The site does not have a unique design?

Have you decided to create a free website? Now you suffer the consequences! A template used by many different types of companies defrauds the expectations of modern users, which is why you should consider creating a professional website with a unique design that adds value to your brand and differentiates it from the competition.  

4. The website isn’t responsive?

Ouch! Don’t expect your website visitors who use smartphones to access the internet (most of them!) to zoom in to read your content? Effectively, you need to redesign your site and invest in a responsive design that automatically adapts to all screen sizes, from smartphones to desktops!  

5. The site does not load quickly?

Another big mistake! Users are always in a hurry and as such, if your site hasn’t load in less than 3 seconds, they are very unimpressed, easily gives up and end up looking at your competitors for answers.  

6. The site has no relevant content?

From the home page to the product page, from the “about us” page to the institutional blog, your website must present relevant informative content for your target audience in order to clarify all questions and present solutions capable of transforming leads into clients.    

7. The site is not optimised with SEO?

Does your company’s website lack visibility in Google search results? It is because you are not optimizing the contents with SEO strategies for search engines! All content, including images and videos, should be ready to be ranked by Google’s algorithm, and presented to users who don’t know your company, but search using terms related to your business.
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Luis is the founder and CEO of Webfarus. He has been a teacher in Portuguese Public Education for over 25 years. He has helped create and develop over 700 businesses in different areas throughout his career.

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