Ever Wondered Why Your Website is Low on Traffic?​

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So you have been struggling with the occasional upgrade and decoration of your website’s interface to attract more viewers. Unfortunately, you keep getting an average number of viewers. Do you know why?


It takes more than just the design of a website to get the best results from your website. The real question here is, ‘How does your website perform?’ Your website’s performance is subjective to a series of factors that you should consider – availability and the loading speed of the website.


The performance of the website is the motivating factor for the end-user. Therefore, the performance of your digital storefront has to be in your priority list when building the website. It is essential to test the website’s performance and troubleshoot for any technicalities that may compromise its performance.


The easiest way to procure the performance of a website is by investing in standard website performance testing tools. The tools determine how a website responds to different browsers and devices. Some of the tools include WebLOAD, LoadView, AppLoader, and SmartMeter.io.


Did you know that even just a half-second loading speed difference can impact the return sales for an online store?


Why is website performance such a great deal?

At Webfarus, we have a team of highly skilled individuals that can provide more than one answer to that question.


The loading speed of your page

The modern technologies create an environment where website speed is a significant factor against your online store competitors. I don’t think if you would want your customers to switch to another website because your page loads slowly.


Well, according to research carried out by Hubspot on marketing, most online storeshoppers would dare not revisit a slow page. You can always try our solutions in trying to boost your website speed.


One way you can implement speeding up the website is by monitoring how the website loads in different browsers. If the result isn’t the same for the tested browsers, then the problem is in the website’s design.


Stability of the page

There are always stability issues when a website starts receiving a large number of viewers. Managing website traffic requires a stable server that doesn’t buffer when the number of end-users increases. You can counter such complications by incorporating the necessary software to run the website.


Device optimization

Some websites are inaccessible through some devices like mobile phones. In some cases, the website content is very tiny to read while using a mobile; hence you will have to zoom – such a bad experience.


However, mobile phones are the most common and easy to use for people prone to making online purchases. Furthermore, using a laptop or a tab takes a longer time compared to your phones.


If you want to maintain good traffic to your online store or company, visit our company at Webfarus for remarkable skills that will increase your website’s search.


Good customer experience is easy to maintain when the website performance is top-notch. Today, even Google considers website performance in terms of speed when ranking websites.


You can ensure your website performance is up to the test by monitoring the end-user activities. Is the end-user having a problem with the website relating to speed or choice of browser? Good website performance is what makes your company’s website reliable and convenient for your customers.


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