Times Are Changing!​

Is Your Business Prepared?

Consumer Behavior Is Changing

Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, consumer behavior around the world has been affected, and many companies are changing their strategies to survive. It is a hard time, especially for small businesses.


Internet Use Is Increasing

Internet use worldwide is increasing; for example, Italy has seen a 70% increase in Internet traffic. Subscription-based delivery services and remote-focused technology offerings will explode in growth as more and more people choose to purchase and make their purchasing decisions from the comfort and security of their own homes.


Consumers who are at home more than usual will drive e-commerce sales into more specific categories, such as consumer goods, grocery products and staple items.


In China, after the country implemented isolation measures, the average number of weekly app downloads in the first two weeks of February increased by 40% compared to the average for the entire year 2019.


More companies are migrating to the Online platform. Physical companies are now creating online stores. Some believe that this new customer behavior is not temporary; in fact, they believe that this behavior will lead people to prefer this type of purchase in the future.


The digital video platform YouTube lowered the quality of transmission in the European Union in order to make the service work properly, given the increase in demand.


Netflix did the same afterwards.


How can Webfarus help you?

Webfarus creates its website or its online store in record time so that it does not leave its customers waiting. Webfarus prepares its website/online store with the best and latest technology taking into account the moment:

  • It will install LiveChat, WhatsApp or WhatsApp business on your page to help you immediately start a conversation with each customer.
  • It will present all its products in an ultra-modern and appealing design, luring the customer.
  • It prepares simplified product sales with a simplified shopping cart.
  • It will offer all means of payment: PayPal, ATM, ATM reference, etc.
  • It will allow highlighting special services such as home delivery, free delivery, among others.
  • It will allow simplified dispatch by CTT, or other (in Portugal, CTT has already adopted measures, such as service at its branches behind closed doors)
  • Will promote a Digital Marketing campaign on Google and Social Media that will take your business to thousands of people instantly.
  • Webfarus will also offer you €120 to apply to your campaign.

It is important to remain calm at this point, if you have scheduled appointments, contact your customers and confirm their availability for rescheduling.


Consider offering refunds to customers, if possible, this will increase long-term brand loyalty and provide good word-of-mouth marketing.


As we progress in this volatile situation, Webfarus will do its best to support our customers in these challenging times.


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