How much does a website for dentists cost?

It is easier to respond to a request for a quote for dental treatment than to the question: what is the price of a website for dentists? Still, just like in the case of orthodontic braces or a dental implant, the price always depends on your specific needs, that is, the smile you want to achieve online!

Continue reading to find out the estimated values for a basic, intermediate and complex website, and remember that with any option there are no costs, just investments with a guaranteed return!

But after all, what is the price of a website for dentists?

The price of a website for dentists in Portugal depends on several factors, such as the reputation of the professional or agency hired to develop the project, complexity of the design, content (which can be provided by the client or developed by the digital marketing agency) and specific features. (such as contact form, appointment scheduling, integration with dental clinic management systems, online chat, SEO optimization for search engines in Portuguese and English, among other features). In this sense, to understand the price of a website for dentists, you must request quotes from different professionals to be able to compare the prices and the respective services offered. And then choose the best option to meet the specific needs of your dental clinic.

Okay, a complex website is more expensive than a simple website, but isn’t there an average price?

Exist. A simple website for dentists, without advanced features, can cost between €1,500 and €3,000 euros. A complex, more refined website for dentists, with personalized design, exclusive content in Portuguese and English optimized with SEO strategies for search engines and advanced features such as booking online appointments can easily exceed €7,000.

Would you like to have a personalized dentist website?

Then, define the details and contact agencies and digital marketing professionals to request detailed quotes. If you want to carry out a screening to request just 3 or 4 quotes, we advise you to go online and search for website creation companies specializing in the health sector or specifically in dental clinics, to ensure the competence and quality of the work. Next, go to their respective websites and check the work portfolios of these digital marketing agencies, selecting only those whose projects you liked, of course.
Later, when you receive proposals, to be able to better compare the cost of a website for dentists, check that all quotes include the costs of design, development, testing, launch, training (if necessary) and maintenance over time, because If a problem arises, you’ll want to have a partner by your side capable of resolving it immediately, right?

And what would be the winning budget?

Most likely, that budget would present you with a website for dentists with around 20 to 30 pages of content in Portuguese and another 20 to 30 in English, developed in WordPress. This is because the price of a website for dentists on WordPress can be a little more predictable due to the modular nature of the platform and the wide availability of themes and plugins that can reduce development time and, consequently, the associated costs. However, the price of a WordPress dentist website also depends on the complexity of the design and specific functionalities, as well as the quality of the translation. That’s why you should keep reading, to know exactly what to ask the digital marketing agencies or professionals you contact, agreed?

How to specify your website design for dentists?

To display a website that elevates your dental clinic’s online presence, every detail counts! Therefore, you must specify your project, taking into account the following variables:

1. Website theme and customization for dentists

Choose a premium theme specifically for dental clinics to reduce design costs. There are premium themes that include many necessary features and you can even ask the agency to customize the theme to meet the specific needs of your clinic, and integrate with a bilingual design. It will make the project more expensive, of course, but the price of a website for dentists with a premium theme is generally more affordable than the price of a website for dentists with a completely customized design.

2. Plugins and website features for dental clinics

Fortunately, WordPress has a wide variety of plugins that can add specific functionality to your dentist website, such as online appointment scheduling, contact forms, image galleries, multilingual SEO, etc. Some of these plugins are free, but others are premium plugins and, of course, can increase the total cost of the project.

3. Translation and localization of the dentist website

For a bilingual dentist website, you should consider using translation plugins such as WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) or Polylang, to facilitate content management in different languages. However, a translation with impeccable quality requires hiring professional translation and/or proofreading services or hiring content producers who speak both languages. It is for your consideration.

4. Integration of website development marketing preparations for dentists

Incorporating marketing strategies during the construction phase of a WordPress website for dentists is crucial to ensuring the site is optimized for future marketing campaigns, including SEO, code optimization, and using a CDN to speed up site loading. These initial preparations are essential to ensuring a strong and effective online presence from the start. Let’s look at the costs associated with these activities:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Implementing SEO best practices from the beginning is essential. This includes keyword research, meta tag optimization (titles, descriptions), URL structuring, content and image optimization, among others. Initial costs for these SEO activities can range from €300 to €1500, depending on the extent and depth of optimization required.
  • Code Optimization: Ensuring your website code is clean and efficient is crucial to improving loading speed and user experience. This may involve minifying CSS, JavaScript, and optimizing other site elements. Costs for code optimization can vary between €300 and €800, depending on the complexity of the website.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): Using a CDN can significantly speed up website loading times by distributing content across a network of servers located globally. This is particularly important for sites that hope to attract visitors from multiple geographic locations. Costs for CDN services can vary considerably, starting from around €20 to €100 per month, depending on website traffic and chosen provider.

Integrating these optimization and marketing readiness strategies during website development not only improves online visibility and website usability but also positions the dental practice for successful digital marketing campaigns in the future. These additional costs should be considered investments in the practice’s digital foundation, essential to ensuring the website is fast, accessible and search engine optimized from day one.

More about digital marketing for dentists

Main website templates and prices for dentists

In the current digital era, it is imperative for any dentist who aims to stand out in Portugal to have an optimized and well-designed website. WordPress emerges as a versatile platform for developing websites, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Let’s break down three main categories of websites for dentists, considering the specific needs of each dental practice and the costs involved.

Basic Website for Dentists

A basic website marks the entry into the digital universe, offering a professional online presence with a moderate initial investment. This type of website is ideal for newly established clinics or those who need a simple yet effective digital solution. Based on premium themes with basic customization, it includes essential features such as information about the clinic, services available, photo gallery and contact details. The construction of this website requires between 35 and 40 hours of work, reflecting a cost that ranges from €1,500 to €3,000.

Intermediate Website for Dentists

For clinics that aspire to a more striking online presence with additional features, the intermediary website is the appropriate option. In addition to a more personalized design, this level includes premium plugins for specific features, such as online scheduling systems and initial SEO optimization, aiming to improve visibility in search engines. This website can contain up to 25 pages of detailed content about each service offered. The development of an intermediate website requires an investment of time between 40 and 80 hours, with estimated costs between €3,000 and €5,000.

Advanced Website for Dentists

Dentists who want to maximize their online visibility and provide an exceptional user experience may opt for an advanced website. It stands out for its highly personalized design and the integration of advanced features, such as e-commerce for selling dental care products, user portals and deep SEO optimization to achieve top positions in multiple languages. Creating an advanced website requires a significant time commitment, with 80 to 200 hours of development, implying an investment of more than €5,000.

Of course, these price estimates from dentist websites are merely indicative. Actual costs may vary, but in any case you should always choose a freelancer or agency with proven experience in multilingual WordPress projects in the healthcare sector. It’s the best way to guarantee the success of your website and get a good return on investment!

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