Digital Marketing for Dentists

Hello! We know that you work to keep your patients' smiles healthy, beautiful and bright, but this time, do you know who will smile with satisfaction? You and your team of healthcare professionals. And do you know why? Because smiles (and jumps and pirouettes) are the most common reactions from customers to the results of our Digital Marketing strategies for Dentists.
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Dental Marketing

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In the past, talking about marketing in the health sector was taboo because investment in advertising and promotion strategies was seen as a commercialisation of the profession that even raised questions from an ethical and legal point of view. However, in today’s scenario, marketing is a powerful tool for educating, informing and inspiring patients, as long as it is committed to promoting the health and well-being of the community.

Digital Marketing for Dentists

Helping dental clinics easily and quickly reach potential patients who…

Do research

generic keywords on Google, from “toothache” to “dental implants”.

They don't know what the treatment is

dentists who need and look for information about it on the Internet.

They are aware of the problem but not yet

if they have decided to make an appointment or don't know which dentist to choose.

They look for specific information after

discover solutions tailored to the problem, but before scheduling an appointment.

Looking for second opinions

or another dentist because they were not satisfied with the results obtained after dental treatment.


93% of online experiences start in a search engine(Search Engine Journal)? And that Google receives more than 70,000 searches per second (Google)? This constant frenzy reflects the voracity for knowledge, highlighting the importance of a company being present and accessible online.

But what is Dental Digital Marketing?

Hmm… Is it a tool to find loyal (and cavity-free) patients? Well, in some ways, yes. Digital Marketing for Dentists is the art of displaying a frank and healthy smile to the virtual world, which needs a renowned artist: a tool made up of several actions in online channels, which help dental clinics to promote their services over the Internet , in order to impress search engine algorithms and show patients and potential patients the excellence of your work.

marketing para dentistas faro algarve portugal

And do I have to invest in Digital Marketing now?

You should, because every day your practice, no matter how much merit it has, is being ignored, when you could be increasing your ROI (return on investment) and, consequently, your revenue! This is the main reason to invest in Digital Marketing for Dentists now and make great strides towards the place where your target audience is: the Internet.

Dental Marketing: our OBJECTIVES

Boost the online presence and reputation of dental clinics and dental professionals, highlighting their unique qualities and exceptional services.

Ensure sustainable and continuous growth of dental clinics, promoting a healthy smile in every Digital Marketing strategy implemented!

Make sure that your dental clinics have a healthy smile!

Marketing for Dentists: our COMMITMENT

Create personalised and innovative strategies that increase the dental clinic's visibility, highlight its expertise among the competition and cultivate trust, establishing an authentic and lasting relationship with patients.

Marketing for Dental Practices: our APPROACH

From the responsive and attractive design of the institutional website to the production of relevant content and implementation of SEO techniques for search engines, email marketing campaigns, social media management and online advertising, our approach aims not only to attract but also to nurture lasting relationships, highlighting a dental clinic as the preferred choice for quality dental care in a given region.

Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics:
our proposals

Attract and be trusted!

Improving the dental clinic's image
Increasing reputation in the sector
Awakening feelings of credibility and trust

Delight and earn!

Increasing the share of patients in the region
Expanding market share in percentage
Building loyalty among new patients

Marketing Digital para Clínicas Dentárias:
as nossas PROPOSTAS

Atrair e confiar!

  • Melhorando a imagem da clínica dentária
  • Aumentando a reputação no setor de atuação
  • Despertando sentimentos de credibilidade e confiança

Encantar e faturar!

  • Aumentando a fatia de pacientes na região
  • Expandindo a quota de mercado em percentagem
  • Fidelizando os novos pacientes

Shall we start this journey of digital smiles today?

Get in touch to book an appointment!

We look forward to meeting your team in person and recommending your services!

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics

Teeth aligned and shiny? Digital Marketing for Dentists is more than that! It’s a set of strategies that make your practice stand out on the web and bring you many benefits. These include:

+ Visibility

With Digital Marketing your dental practice will be easily found by potential patients.

+ Customers

With personalised and engaging Dental Digital Marketing strategies, you will attract and retain more patients.

- Costs

With online marketing you'll achieve more expressive results at lower costs compared to traditional marketing.

+ Reputation

Marketing efforts will strengthen your brand's reputation and win the trust of your target audience.

+ Relationships

With digital marketing strategies you'll be able to establish and maintain positive relationships with your audience.

+ Monitoring

With analysis tools, you'll be able to monitor actions and gain insights for ongoing optimisation.

+ Segmentation

With Dental Marketing you will be able to direct messages to the target audience, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Digital Marketing Dentists


And now get to know the steps of our Digital Dentist Show, a step-by-step guide to high-performance dentistry… efficient but painless!

We carry out an exhaustive analysis of the current state of the dental practice’s Digital Marketing, including website, content, SEO, social media presence, online reputation and competitor strategies.

Together with the client, we establish clear and measurable objectives that can include, for example, increasing traffic to the site, generating leads, increasing the number of patients, strengthening the presence on social networks, etc.

Did you know…

Google is responsible for 94% of all organic traffic (Web Presence Solutions)? Therefore, one of your objectives should be to establish a presence on the Internet, an imperative in order to reach and captivate an audience that is looking for relevant information.

We understand the profile of the dental clinic’s target audience (their wants and needs), identifying demographic and behavioural characteristics, communication preferences, concerns and common issues related to oral health.

We create the institutional website from scratch or redesign it to make it more attractive, functional and optimised for search engines. This stage will serve as the basis for all subsequent work, channelling the largest number of users in the region to the dental clinic.

More about website creation

What are the characteristics of our SITES FOR DENTISTS?

Pixels and codes?  Bits and bytes? More than that! Our websites for dentists are the perfect clinic assistants: professional and intuitive. They have such irresistible features that even milk teeth, molars and canines will be impressed!

Professional design

  • Intuitive and attractive layout.
  • Easy and accessible navigation.
  • Modern, responsive design.
  • Consistent colour scheme.
  • High quality images.

Clear information

  • Description of the clinic, mission, vision and values.
  • Details about the team of dentists and health professionals.
  • Full list of dental services offered.
  • Detailed descriptions of treatments and procedures.
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Case studies (before and after).
  • Awards, professional certifications or other recognitions, if applicable.
  • News section for regular updates.
  • Contact information with interactive map

Educational content

  • Blog with informative articles on oral health and dental procedures, among other topics directly or indirectly linked to the clinic’s dental services.

Integration with social networks

  • Links to the dental practice’s social media pages.
  • Possibility of sharing site content on social networks.

Contact forms

  • Online appointment booking system.
  • Contact forms for questions.

FAQ page

  • Answers to patients’ most common questions.
  • Clarification on procedures, health insurance and payment methods.

Security and privacy

  • SSL certificate to guarantee the security of patient information.
  • Clearly visible privacy policy.

We focus on relevant information that educates, inspires and builds trust.

We consistently develop and publish quality content that responds to patients’ “pains” with appropriate solutions.

We promote dental expertise and cultivate positive, long-lasting relationships, highlighting the clinic as the most reliable place for dental treatment.

We generate leads and interactions with patients and potential clients through differentiated content that guides them through all the stages of the sales funnel, towards a consultation… and then loyalty!

Did you know…

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and gets three times as many leads (NeilPatel)? Therefore, content marketing is a smart investment because it builds lasting relationships with a certain audience, and it’s the formula for success for maximising impact with minimal resources!

What kind of CONTENT FOR DENTISTS do we publish?

Here at Webfarus, we take content as seriously as oral health. From tips on brushing your teeth to suggestions for preventing tooth decay, we’ve prepared an engaging digital menu:

  • Educational content on oral hygiene practices, prevention of dental problems and dental treatments, to showcase the clinic’s expertise.
  • Content that highlights new treatments, technologies or discoveries in the field of dentistry, to prove that the practice is at the forefront.
  • Explanatory content about dental procedures in simpler, more accessible language, to build a relationship of trust with the public.
  • Quality images and short videos that illustrate the behind-the-scenes of the clinic and some dental treatments.
  • Information and “before and after” photographs that show real results and emphasise the quality of the dental team.

We implement SEO strategies to improve search engine rankings, i.e. to put your dental practice at the top of Google, increase visibility in search results and reach a wider audience.

Did you know…

77% of potential dental clinic patients search online for solutions to their problems (Google)? And that a clinic that ranks at the top of search results suggests authority and trust in the field of dentistry?

How do we optimise for search engines?

For us, optimising with SEO is as natural as smiling after a professional teeth cleaning! And that’s because we call Google’s algorithms “you” and they regularly check to make sure we’re meeting their standards of excellence.

  • We identified keywords relevant to dentistry, such as “dentist”, “dental clinic”, “teeth whitening”, “dental implants”…
  • We include keywords with local terms to attract patients from the region, such as “dental clinic in Faro”.
  • We optimise with local SEO, including the name of the city in the meta description, header tags and site content.
  • We develop quality content on dental services and dental treatments.
  • We use keywords naturally and strategically throughout the content.
  • We develop specific pages for each service to improve relevance in search results.
  • We use title tags, meta descriptions and explanatory alt tags to help search engines understand what the images are about.
  • We build a link strategy, both internal and external (to reputable sites).
  • We offer positive browsing experiences on mobile devices.
  • We optimise website loading speed.
  • We keep the clinic’s information consistent across all online platforms.
  • We use analysis tools to monitor site performance in real time and adjust as necessary

With the majority of Internet users scrolling through social networks several times a day, Webfarus couldn’t help but publish relevant content periodically to invite its “friends” into… the practice!

Social media management is a great opportunity to increase popularity, foster interactions, create relationships and get to know your target audience better.

How do we manage a dental practice’s social media?

With posts that help the practice win new patients and increase profits! In other words, with strategies that get the practice seen, shared and remembered. These include:

  • We identify specific goals, such as increasing brand awareness, attracting new patients or promoting specific services.
  • We establish measurable digital marketing metrics to evaluate success.
  • We develop content strategies that are consistent, engaging and relevant to the target audience.
  • We chose the social networks most in line with the clinic’s audience, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • We take into account the specific characteristics of each platform when developing content.
  • We created an editorial calendar.
  • We share useful information about oral health and dental treatments, with links to the site.
  • We share information about the team, events and behind the scenes to personalise the brand.
  • We announce special promotions or discounts, if applicable.
  • We use quality images and videos to make the content more attractive.
  • We create exclusive campaigns for social media followers.
  • We use analysis tools to evaluate the performance of posts.

We keep your business in the spotlight, sending personalised emails to attract the attention of your leads and patients, and monitoring the number of users who have seen, read and clicked on a particular message, and who are therefore prepared to start (and then maintain) a positive relationship with your dental practice.

How do we design EMAIL MARKETING campaigns FOR DENTAL CLINICS?

With a strategy similar to the one you use for brushing your teeth for three minutes and flossing: we start in a refined way with segments and then apply a touch of creativity and an extra dose of attraction to get your patients to click!

  • We segment the list of contacts (who have given explicit consent) based on characteristics such as treatment history, preferences or location.
  • We personalise messages according to the specific needs of each segment.
  • We create emails with responsive design to guarantee a good experience on mobile devices such as smartphones.
  • We send useful information, such as appointment reminders and post-consultation follow-ups, educational content on oral hygiene practices, special promotions and discounts on treatments, information on new services, events, equipment or professionals at the clinic.
  • We include CTAs or clear calls to action that encourage patients to book appointments or get in touch, for example.
  • We use analysis tools to track opening rates, click-through rates and conversions, among other metrics.

In order to obtain more immediate and significant commercial results, we invest in online advertising, looking for the best keywords and distributing them in groups of targeted adverts that appear at the top of search results.

How do we make GOOGLE ADS adverts FOR DENTAL CLINICS?

With DentalAds techniques that shine in search results to hit the target without missing a beat!

  • We clearly define your dental practice’s potential patients, taking into account their location, demographic characteristics, interests and online behaviour.
  • We have chosen advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads to serve the paid adverts that will appear in search results when people search for dental treatments and clinics.
  • We target our adverts to specific groups.
  • We create visually appealing adverts that highlight our services.
  • We use keywords that are relevant to the sector.
  • We implemented remarketing campaigns to reach people who had visited the clinic’s website but hadn’t booked an appointment.
  • We create specific, optimised landing pages for each campaign, with contact forms.
  • We use analysis tools to monitor digital marketing metrics such as clicks, impression rates, conversion rates and cost per conversion.
  • We make adjustments to campaigns in real time, based on the results.

See our portfolio of work


Choosing Webfarus?

In fact, if Webfarus offers the same services as other digital marketing agencies, why should you choose it?

Because our services have a touch of genius, choosing Webfarus is like taking home the best toothpaste, the one that leaves your teeth cleaner and whiter, but which has been chosen from among so many other quality toothpaste brands. Get the idea?


We are passionate about digital marketing and creating professional websites.


We are at the forefront of the latest technological trends in Digital Marketing.


We create personalised strategies that align perfectly with your clinic's objectives and values.


We implement highly effective SEO strategies to place your clinic at the top of search results.


We implement engaging social media campaigns to create a positive relationship with your target audience.


We personalise paid ads for immediate and more significant commercial results.


We value transparency at every stage, providing regular reports with detailed analyses of Digital Marketing actions for Dentists.


We have an innovative approach that takes advantage of emerging opportunities in the digital world.


We have a multi-faceted team specialising in Digital Marketing for Dentists.


We develop amazing websites for dental practices, with significant traffic every day.


We publish relevant and visually attractive content that highlights services and promotes interaction with users.


We create personalised email marketing campaigns, from appointment reminders to exclusive promotions.


We offer personalised service and ongoing technical support, focused on resolving doubts and problems.


We are committed to the success of each client, endeavouring in each project to exceed expectations and achieve outstanding results.

Let us Schedule a Meeting

Shall we arrange a meeting to discuss our Digital Marketing services for Dentists? We look forward to understanding your specific needs in order to adapt our strategies to your business objectives!

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Dental Digital Marketing: our RESULTS

From boosting reputation to attracting new patients, via visibility and strengthening our digital presence, our results are visible and often immediate.

marketing digital luis horta

More than two dozen dentists and clinics in Portugal and abroad have made substantial gains!

Professor Luis Horta

Success stories: real WIN situations

    • One dental clinic, a Webfarus client, has broken four monthly turnover records in three years.
    • Another Webfarus client clinic doubled the number of new appointment requests in the first month.
    • Another clinic improved its services and doubled its turnover in 20 months thanks to its partnership with Webfarus.

More on our success formula

1std Year Gains

Invoicing: 15%
New enquiries: 60%
Reputation: 50%

2nd Year Gains

Invoicing: 45%
New enquiries: 90%
Reputation: 70%

As you can see...

Investing in a partner who specialises in Digital Marketing for Dentists is essential for standing out in a competitive market, building lasting relationships and attracting qualified patients.

More than a valuable investment, working with Webfarus is a guaranteed return, a promise of continued growth and success for your dental practice in the digital age. How’s that?

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