Joomla vs WordPress​

These days most web sites are already built by powerful CMS (Content Management System).

Both Joomla and WordPress are powerful CMS’s that allow you to create virtually any type of website that you can imagine and are the right choice in most cases.


The WordPress

In 2015, a research company, published that 25% of Internet sites used WordPress and the growth is on average 3% per year. At this time, more than 30% of the sites worldwide are being built in WordPress, from small to large companies.


WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System) most used in the world of creating websites because it is a complete and excellent system to create amazing sites that the user can manage.


The Joomla

For its part, Joomla is the most complex and complete CMS on the market. Creating websites with this content management system means doing just about everything you want, from simple blogs to large content portals.


The platform, which is present in about 2.8% of Web sites, is used for the development of blogs, virtual stores, content portals, newspapers, online magazines, catalogs of services / products, among other formats. All this because Joomla is one of the only fully customizable CMS, with more than 10 thousand extensions that allow to incorporate new features efficiently and quickly.


The decision

Both CMS’s are great choices. The decision by one or the other depends on the use that will be made. There are strengths in both, and the choice must be made under the user’s eye according to their needs, abilities and situations.


A great advantage to remember !!

If your company or organization hires a team specializing in Joomla or WordPress like Webfarus, the framework will be built on an open platform and not dependent on any company or programmer.

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