3 Reasons Why​

A Website Is Important For Your Business

I think by now a lot of people would agree that being ‘present online’ is key for any business.

Yes, we should all know that by now, but surprisingly what we don’t all know, is the benefits a website can provide for your business and its shocking to witness how many businesses don’t actually have a website or online presence.

Your website is the window of your business.

Jay Conrad Levinson

Half of small businesses still don’t have websites.

Why? 41% of businesses without websites say their business “does not need a website.” This is a dismissal, not a reason. As you can probably guess, most small business owners without websites are not tech savvy.

They dismiss the need for a website because: 1) they don’t understand it and how it could help their business; 2) it seems too expensive, complicated, time-consuming, etc. 3) they’re “doing just fine without it” or they’ve “never needed one before”. But, with over 78% of the adults across the world spending time online, there is no reason as to why one should not be having a website at this age. An effective website is the cornerstone of your company — it houses important information, and your customers expect you to have one.


So, build a web site

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1. Business will gain credibility

Nothing is more important than the ability to be found. Believe it or not, most people will search the internet for a product or service before the purchase to check the credibility first. If you don’t have an established online identity, then customers can’t find you. Not showing up in the search engines (or on the Internet at all for that matter) is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility as a business. It makes you and your company look dated, out of touch and untrustworthy.


2. A website increases awareness about your brand 24/7

Your website are accessible 24/7 365 days a year. From the convenience of the local coffee shop, their couch or their bed, your customers and clients can easily access your website and services, possibly reaching thousands of people a month.


3. It makes you money

Many small business owners rely on using third-party platforms or avoid setting up their own website because they think it’s complicated or expensive. But building and maintaining a website is easier and cheaper than ever before. Take my advice, small business owners — there are no more excuses. If you’re putting off building a website, you’re hurting your business. It’s time to get started. Websites are simple, affordable and it makes you money.

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.

Bill Gates

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