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Does Your Site Convert?

A website’s ability to make a sale (convert a visitor into a potential customer) is basically subject to the first impression that the visitor gets from that website. Therefore, the success rate of this website will depend on the ability to convince the visitor to make a purchase or to subscribe to your services. Therefore, in most e-commerce projects, the conversion rate (number of sales / total visits) is a measure used to determine the effectiveness of a project.
If content is king, conversion is queen John Munsell
In the first place, the objective will be to attract potential customers and create ways for that person to advance in the steps that make up the sales funnel, from the first contact to the completion of the sales lead: a process that requires attention creativity, and strategic vision.   So, from the moment we visit a page (or look at an ad) to the moment we decide to act, we go through different stages. Each of these steps requires proper care, and your website must be prepared to achieve the specific goals of each step: Attention: the moment when we capture the exclusive attention of a visitor and make him/her continue browsing. Interest: once attention is drawn, the visitor has the first impression of what he is looking at and decides to look for more information about the offer. Desire: at this time, a more detailed analysis of the offer is carried out, looking for benefits and features, ensuring that it meets your needs. Action: Finally, with the decision made, the action of conversion is carried out. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most effective tips that can increase your website’s conversion rate. However, the functionality of each tip will also depend on factors such as:
  • Product niche
  • Target Audience
  • Nature of your business

But what makes your site a conversion champion?

To double your business volume, it is easier to double your conversion rate than your traffic. Jeff Eisenberg

1. A clear call to action

When looking to make an online purchase, online visitors focus their attention on more than one platform. Therefore, your site’s strategy must go through a “Call to Action” (CTA) strategy, for example, a link or a button, with a prominent color of terms in the imperative that encourages you to make a purchase, for example, “buy now”, “sign up”, “click”, “contact us”. Call to Actions usually help mainly in the Attention and Interest stages (which last a few seconds) and in the Action, which is often the act of clicking on the CTA. See, for example, one of our pages.


2. Simplified navigation

Not all visitors enter via the home page. Your website must be prepared for this situation. Keeping a visitor on your page isn’t all that difficult when they have no difficulty or confusion to orient themselves. The information on the page should not be too complex or too long. Make your points clear.


Another function that affects browsing is loading speed. We have already explained the importance of having an optimized site, where we showed that a slow page puts the possibility of the visitor coming back at risk. On the other hand, a short and productive time spent visiting your page is enough to motivate visitors to buy or come back later.


3. Confidence Factors

The economic crisis and a market full of companies competing with each other form a scenario in which a connected and selective consumer will hardly buy on impulse. In turn, he will carefully evaluate the options and choose the one he trusts most.


Given this scenario, the brand that wants to stand out, win new customers and increase its sales needs to have a consistent presence in the digital universe to be known and inspire confidence. In summary, it is important to know how to create authority online.


Increase ROI

At what point is the return on your investment (ROI – Return On Investment)? If your website doesn’t attract the kind of traffic you want, you may need to review your website and evaluate your conversion strategies. It’s very simple. Get in touch with us and get the best solutions for your specific situation from our experts.

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