Virtual Business Card

It is less and less common to receive one of those typical business cards and more and more common to receive a card digitally.

A virtual business card, in jpeg or pdf is usually quite practical, does not require the use of paper or card and can be easily sent to your recipient list. It should include basic contact information, social media links and the company website. You can also place your photo and create an attractive design for your card.

Why should I have a virtual card?

Today, in an increasingly digital world, the unnecessary use of physical/typical cards is ceasing to make sense. In addition to helping the environment, you no longer run the risk of losing cards or customers losing them. With the links included in the virtual card it is also very easy to click and go researching more about your business. All of this makes the virtual business card much more practical for those who deliver them and for those who receive them.

What should I include on the virtual card?

The information should only be basic and relevant. We should not fill the card with unnecessary details as it becomes confusing and unattractive.

As it is online, we may insert redirect links with all information about your services, business or company. With a simple touch on the mobile phone screen, anyone who receives your Virtual Business Card will be able to interact via shortcuts to your website, social networks, phones, email, location and much more!

What are the advantages of having a Virtual Business Card?

1. Stop using disposable cards

How many times have you been handed a card and lost? Often it’s not for lack of interest, but we often end up forgetting where we kept them. The truth is that using a business card digitally is much more practical.



2. More sustainable

Digital cards will prevent paper from being used in vain and so your company will be helping to preserve the environment, giving preference to the use of a digital card.



3. Interactivity

With a physical card, if you need to call the person or check your work on the internet, you’ll have to type, running the risk of making a mistake in some digits or of wasting more time. With a digital card the links will quickly direct you to the phone or to that company’s websites.



4. Easy to change

Suppose you need to make a small update to the information on the card. If you are a physicist, you will have to make new cards, making the old ones useless. With digital it’s easy to fix and update.



5. Easy to share

Imagine that a client of your company is at an event and talks about his work to a colleague. This colleague is interested and asks for your contacts. Sharing with a virtual card is easy. Just send your card via WhatsApp and more people will have access to your business.



6. Make a good impression

It is modern, current and original to deliver your virtual business card. People will be pleased and certainly curious to click on the links to get to know your company better. An excellent option to show your work, reach more contacts and generate a greater business opportunity. Having a virtual business card is the best way to present your professional identity to potential clients or clients.

How to make a virtual card?

Creating a digital and interactive business card is always an interesting creative design job. You will have to use suitable software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Coreldraw, Canva, Crello or other

Then, you can choose and apply a template design for the software you are using or create your own original design, making use of whatever knowledge you may have of the software and design techniques. You must export the card in PDF format. Finally, you can use PDF Escape ( to add the links to your card.

The digital business card is a new and effective way to promote your company in the digital age.


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