The current content format

Snapchat brought the concept of “Stories” to the market. After that, Instagram adopted this format, and then Facebook followed in its footsteps. Finally, WhatsApp also adopted this type of post.



This type of content that can be created in images or video stays on the air 24 hours a day.



One of the reasons why it is used a lot is for its “life span”. A story lasts that long and then disappears.


Another advantage is privacy. If someone responds to the story, we are the only ones who can see it, that is, through a direct message to us.



There are also stories for close friends, which appear with a green circle. These stories are for a more restricted audience and not all of our followers. We are the ones who choose who sees them. And even in stories for followers in general, we can hide the story for x people, which gives us the freedom to choose who sees them.



Are stories important in a business?

Yes, like other methods and formats, stories can also help your business grow.


Stories are quite successful and serve to share more relaxed content.


Many companies adopt this type of content to show the “backstage” of the company. If I show behind the scenes of my company, I will create greater proximity with my followers, and therefore I will have greater empathy with them.


We can use stories for tips, show the company’s routine, share a post we published in the feed, talk about something important more lightly and informally, show my company’s products, among others.


Given the greater proximity between followers and the company, the possibility of responding to stories through direct message is a good way to attract customers, keep them informed, and generate reactions. Many people like this type of format, praise our stories, respond, give opinions, and even request our services.


Don’t forget to keep your audience by posting stories frequently. You don’t need many stories a day, but keep up the pace daily to get the target audience’s attention.


Is that you? Are you a fan of this format?

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