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The advantages of using social networks by companies are numerous. Social networks are increasing, important marketing channels, and whoever wants to achieve success in digital marketing will necessarily have to use them. Social networks have become a trend in social relationships and interactions, as well as a working tool for many companies in their daily corporate life. They are used to select talents, publicize services, and products or to increase brand engagement with customers and employees.


Social Media Marketing

Social networks are increasingly important for anyone, but these platforms have changed companies’ entire marketing landscape. It is not only for large companies but especially for small and medium-sized companies that have become more competitive. People are connected through various social media platforms, making it easier for businesses to reach their audience. It is not worth denying: the audience of your business is there! Your business has to be there too!


Advantages of Social Networks

1. Consolidation of the brand image

Developing and strengthening a company’s image is a very complicated job. More than creating a concept, it is necessary to work on the image and bring the company closer to people. Publications – whether in text, photo, audio, or video – are excellent mechanisms to develop the concept and humanize the brand. The set of communication work is able to consolidate the corporate image.


2. Create closer relationships

According to several statistics, 60% of organizations consider customer service as a priority. A business exists around its customers, which explains the increasing efforts of brands to increase customer retention. After all, it is important to keep customers happy and satisfied. In addition to reflecting your brand’s reputation, social networks are the ideal place to work with your customers! Bet on content that promotes interaction and shows that you are a true expert in the field!


3. Reach a wider audience

The internet is now one of the main channels to attract and win new customers. People go to the web to search for products and services, compare prices, and choose the best places to shop. By having only one offline presence, your business will only reach local consumers. However, it is not enough to offer the best conditions for purchase. It is necessary to attract consumers through quality content that can add something to people’s lives. For this, social networks and blogs are excellent alternatives.


4. Advertising

This is one of the main reasons for the presence of many companies on social networks. However, it is also where most fail. Don’t try to get your publications to reach everyone! It is important to focus on a specific audience. By directing the activity to a specific target, you will achieve better results! Several tools can help you locate and reach your business audience.


5. Increase in traffic

Sites are one of the main web tools for any company. In addition to gathering all the institutional information of the business, they are also excellent sales tools. But, to have the expected results, you need to drive traffic to it. And social networks act as a traffic catalyst.


6. Lead generation

Statistics show that businesses using social media can have better sales rates. However, be careful: you should not focus your presence on these platforms to sell. Know that almost 50% of people use the internet and social networks to learn more about a product or company. Therefore, having a presence worked on these platforms can create a better impression.


7. Competitor analysis

Social networks can become very powerful tools for companies when used correctly. Competitor analysis is one of the advantages that your company can take! Take the opportunity to understand what strategies other companies use.


Social Network Management

Investing in content marketing for social networks is nowadays a matter of necessity for a company. But to take advantage of this potential, you cannot simply create profiles and publish at random. The social networks most used by companies are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin.

Communicating poorly, with a bad strategy, a bad image is more harmful than not communicating at all! Please pay attention to this aspect and talk to us. We are professionals, and we will help your brand gain value!

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