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To ensure a good Digital Marketing strategy and good positioning on Google, it is important to know how to use SEO techniques, Linkbuilding being one of them!

What is Link Building?

Google gives extreme importance to the links that exist on the Internet pointed to your website. In this way,  Linkbuilding is nothing more, nothing less, than obtaining external links to a website or page to guarantee more relevance in the content and increase the positioning of that website in the search engines.


How does Linkbuilding work?

When website A has, on one of its pages, a link to website B, it is basically saying that website B is reliable. This information is important for site A users, who will be able to visit site B, but it is also seen in a very relevant way by Google.

According to a study carried out by MOZ, carried out by the most respected SEO professionals globally, the links are directly related to the positioning on Google in the order of 40%.


Are all links useful?


There are several factors taken into account to assess the relevance of a link, namely:

  • The text that appears in the link
  • The context in which the link is inserted
  • Whether the link is dofollow or nofollow
  • But, especially the website that links!

How to do good Linkbuilding?

Combining an excellent Linkbuilding strategy combined with quality content production results in enormous benefits for the site.

One of the best ways to use Linkbuilding is through the guest post (practice publishing and writing articles on blogs or websites of another person/company). A great benefit of guest posting is choosing the link anchor for the page you want to link to. Also, it is possible to focus only on quality links, which will really make a difference in the authority of your siteGuest posts are not only used as an SEO strategy but are especially part, with great relevance, of a Content Marketing strategy.


Webfarus and LinkbuildingIf you want to know more about Linkbuilding or other Digital Marketing strategies, talk to us, we are specialists. And if you liked this article, share it on social networks and help others!

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