Digital Marketing Trends in the Algarve for 2022

The machine does not stop! The Algarve still suffers from the absence of national and foreign tourists, but the pandemic has not only brought difficulties to this sector but to all the other sectors with different types of companies established in the south of the country. It also brought a great advance in terms of new technologies and important changes in terms of consumer behavior, which can and should be used to meet the expectations of modern consumers and expand a business. So keep an eye out for these digital marketing trends in the Algarve for 2022!

1. Digital marketing trends in the Algarve | Web site

Through a website, you can leverage your company’s sales! Therefore, before thinking about or rethinking your digital marketing strategy for 2022, whether it is linked to tourism in the Algarve or any other sector of activity, it is essential to have a website operational 24 hours a day, to transcend geographic borders and achieve more potential customers, which it would be difficult (if not impossible) to reach with offline marketing strategies. However, it is not enough to have a presence on the Internet, today it is essential to offer a good user experience through a website that has…

  • Relevant and well-organized content so that users can swiftly find the information they are looking for.
  • Clarity and consistency, with a transparent navigation structure so that even the most distracted visitor can feel lost or confused!
  • Accurate descriptions and image galleries about your products or services.
  • Quality photographs and images, preferably own images and directly related to the content.
  • Attractive and highly visible CTAs or calls to action indicate to visitors the next step.
  • Objective contact forms ask only for the information necessary for the conversion.
  • Share buttons for social media so visitors can share content with friends.
  • A modern, simple and functional layout that is attractive to your target audience and allows for a more pleasant reading experience.
  • Fast, with all pages optimized to open almost instantly and thus not run the risk of losing a single customer to the competition!
  • A responsive design that automatically adapts to all screen sizes of devices that users may be using to access the Internet.

2. Digital marketing trends in the Algarve | content marketing

More business opportunities in 2022? Only with more content marketing strategies, capable of engaging in direct, efficient, and lasting communication with your target audience, will generate new sales and ensure the relevance of your brand. But pay attention to these trends in content marketing, fueled by successive confinements during the Covid-19 pandemic!


Same messages for all customers? No way! This year should focus on producing personalized content, whether on the website, blog, landing pages, social networks, newsletters, or email marketing. This way, you don’t waste time or money investing in a relationship that won’t translate into an intention to buy!
More in-depth content? Good idea! Everything indicates that content based on data and analytics will be on the rise, as consumers like to delve deeper into topics to validate their choices when searching the Internet. Furthermore, content with concrete data proves, from the outset, that your product or service delivers results!


Innovation? Ever! And this year, virtual and augmented reality experiences to drive users along the sales funnel in a fun way will be a must-have in digital marketing strategies!

Why does your audience write for you? And why not? A comment, rating, question, or any other type of user-generated content can improve your company’s rankings in search results, generate interactions and give your brand more reputation.

Are you investing in digital influencers? Have a budget readily available, please! Digital influencers, more specifically micro-influencers that appeal to small market niches, continue to be a sure bet, as long as they have a profile adjusted to their persona and area of ​​expertise, of course!

Video content? Of course yes! From YouTube to TikTok, through Facebook and Instagram, videos are the preferred format for users. But please post shorter videos and live lives that mirror your brand and accurately promote your products or services.

3. Digital marketing trends in the Algarve | SEO Strategies

It matters little to produce relevant content without SEO optimization for search engines. And do you know why? Because no one will read them! Therefore, in 2022 stick to SEO strategies but consider that Google’s algorithms are increasingly intelligent and penalize content focused only on ranking factors, not on the user experience.


4. Digital marketing trends in the Algarve | social commerce

Another tip! Do you know how to increase interactions on social networks in this year of 2022? Build lasting relationships and make the sale just a consequence? Through so-called social commerce! Social networks are not just for exchanging messages with friends! Users increasingly like to follow their favorite brands, discover new products and services, and even shop right there. So, put a little aside the hard selling approach and foster relationships (and sales) on social networks with social commerce, through a store on Facebook or products marked on Instagram, for example!


5. Digital marketing trends in the Algarve | chatbot

Adopting a chatbot will put your business way ahead of your competition. Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition tools are invaluable for responding correctly and conveniently – and in real-time! – answer users’ queries and guide them through the sales funnel.

6. Digital marketing trends in the Algarve | Google Ads

It’s true that if you redesign your website, bet on content marketing and SEO strategies, you practically don’t even need to invest in paid ads, but with a budget available, I advise you to do so, because sponsored links generate more immediate results. However, always with a well-planned investment, with highly targeted campaigns, keywords relevant to your business, and, of course, daily monitoring the performance of the ads.

Do you want to develop your business, adopting some of the digital marketing trends that are going to hit the Algarve? Contact Webfarus.
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