Six Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Sales

Digital Marketing is the main way of doing and conceptualizing marketing today

Nowadays, the internet is intrinsically attached to our lives in such a way that it is almost impossible to do anything without it. From simple things, like getting the phone number from the pizzeria to complex things, like conducting public opinion polls or developing project management software, almost everything goes through the internet. Our life is no longer the same since the advent of the internet, and the same can be said of the purchase process.

Investing in Digital Marketing Strategies is now a priority. Companies that want to succeed rely on market research to develop or optimize their solutions and better meet the needs of a potential audience. But the strategies and tools are diversified, and, often, the available budget has to be well managed and profitable.

Therefore, companies that want to achieve rewarding results with their investments on the web need, necessarily, know where and how to do it!

This article aims at helping you understand the most important Digital Marketing strategies you have at your disposal to boost your business.

1. Creating a website

First, and very important, it is essential to create an online page for your brand. The existence of a well-structured website with good content about the brand and with well-crafted SEO will impact your sales.

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2. SEO

This is one of the main digital marketing strategies that a company should have. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to position the page in the top results of a search engine such as Google.


These techniques consist of optimizations for the website that will make your page be well evaluated and positioned. A page that appears in Google’s top results is much more likely to be visited.

2.1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing consists of attracting customers by creating different types of relevant content. It can be in the form of text, video, e-books, social media, etc. This content must be relevant, alluring, and valuable to the target audience. Your goal is to attract customers by creating a positive brand image. A company that has interesting and attractive content will stand out from other brands and reach its potential customers.

2.2. On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the set of strategies applied directly to your web page within your own website. That allows you to optimize your page to improve its positioning/ranking in search engines and increase organic traffic. Actions taken include:

  1. Friendly URL: URLs should be short, simple to read, and include the keyword.
  2. Meta Tag Title: is the title that will be shown in the tab and listed in Google search results; it should be thought-provoking, suggestive, and contain your keyword.
  3. Meta Tag Description: it is the description of the page that will be listed in the results of a Google search; it must contain the keyword.
  4. Titles and subtitles: Google interprets text organization as a usability factor; create titles and subtitles using H1, H2, and H3 tags to identify divisions. Apply your keyword but be careful not to be classified as keyword stuffing (read later).
  5. Emphasis tags: bold, italic, and underlined texts are also interpreted as keyword indicators; put your keyword in focus in this text at least once.
  6. Lists: are, for Google, a sign of good content.
  7. Text Size: is an on-page optimization factor that Google pays a lot of attention to; you should create your articles with at least 600 words, knowing that the ideal will be at least 1,200 words.
  8. Keyword Density: the keyword in focus must be relevant in your content and must be used, in percentage terms, between 2% and 3%; using more often could be considered Keyword Stuffing and penalize your site.
  9. Images: are an extremely important SEO factor, as Google considers text with images rich content; the idea is to have at least one image in the text whose filename contains your keyword.
  10. Alt tag: in the image, there is a tag, which we call the image’s Alt tag, which is used to help identify the image in content reading systems for people with visual impairments; always insert your keyword in this tag.
  11. Internal links: Another good on-page SEO practice is to create internal links on your pages, pointing to other related pages on your site; it is considered an essential factor in On-page SEO that even increases your Crawl Budget and, therefore, should not be left out of your strategy.
  12. External links: is another on-page optimization factor that shouldn’t be missing; Google likes it when certain content makes external mentions, indicating pages that complement the content presented.

2.3. Code Optimization

Optimizing a website’s performance is a fundamental point in all projects at the cutting edge of technology and those who wish to be at the top when it comes to online business success today. It is extremely important that your site is “clean” and quick to load; otherwise, you could lose many customers. When we hit a page that takes a long time to load, we’re more likely to give up on that site and look for another one in the search results. There are several factors that interfere with the efficiency of a website, namely, the infrastructure; scripts and widgets; file compression; image optimization; the use (or not) of CDN and cache.


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2.4. Local SEO

Local search is a more integrated approach to marketing for local businesses. Local search marketing aims to put your business on the map in local searches when customers are searching and looking for a business like yours. Local SEO is then the set of optimization strategies to improve the positioning of a brand when users search for solutions in a particular operating region. Read more about Local Search SEO in this article.

3. Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform for Google ads that will bring your company closer to potential customers. With this platform, the company pays to stand out and can segment the campaigns’ audience. Each campaign must be well constructed, and its objectives must be well defined before its launch. An investment that allows the company to have an audience that is really related to the area of your company.


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4. Facebook and Instagram Ads

Like Google, Facebook and Instagram also have the possibility of creating ads. Social networks like Instagram and Facebook are an excellent way to get closer to customers. People spend several hours of their day on their accounts and, with a well-targeted ad, many more users will see your campaign and reach your business. Creating ads here will bring more visibility to your brand. An investment that will promote and highlight your products or services.

5. Social Networks

Social media is a good way to complement the site and reach out to your customers and potential customers. They are an extraordinary way to captivate people, and nowadays, any company should have them. One of the digital marketing strategies is knowing how to manage Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks that become valuable to your brand. There are a wide variety of interactions on these platforms, such as reacting, commenting, sharing, voting on a poll, stories, questions and answers, and much more. A company that has social networks becomes closer to its audience. Read more about The Potential of social media.

6. E-Mail Marketing

It is one of the greatest digital marketing strategies for a company. A strategy for sending e-mails to a particular contact list with the goal of creating communication with each of the recipients, with a list of marketing goals in mind. With this, the e-mail must be sent with the right content that is of interest to the recipient, in a personalized way, at the right time, and to the right people. Nobody wants to receive SPAM e-mails, so a line separates this type of marketing strategy from unwanted e-mails. You have to know how to build an e-mail with important and attractive content. This can be a very useful tool as anyone currently has one or several e-mail accounts.

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