Dental clinic websites: how to increase the number of visitors

John has a tooth abscess. Sonia is looking for information about implants. Mariana tries to find out the price of invisible braces and Nuno just wants the address of a dentist close by because he has a terrible toothache. In other words, at this very moment, a number of potential patients are searching for dental clinic websites on Google… but why is your clinic not showing up?

What is the importance of dental clinic websites?

All! Only with a website on the Internet can you appear to thousands of potential patients who still don’t know your clinic, but are looking for a dentist on Google. And we’re not talking about half a dozen Internet users! We are talking about a significant percentage of the Portuguese population: according to a study by DataReportal in 2022, around 85% of Portuguese population frequently uses the Internet and between 2021 and the beginning of 2022 alone, there was a growth of around 3%. And what do the Portuguese use the Internet for? Essentially to look for information (82.4%), namely information about a dental clinic or medical specialty in the vicinity. Therefore, the websites of dental clinics are true digital marketing tools that guarantee the activities of the services: passing on pertinent information about the area of performance, specialties, services and differentials compared to the competition, in order to increase the reputation, attract new patients and retain the ones they had already conquered.

How to increase the number of visitors on dental clinic websites?

Basically, the answer is: hiring a digital marketing company specializing in creating websites for dental clinics, which can develop or redesign the website so that it appears at the top of search results and provides a good browsing experience. Still, if you have enough time and knowledge to create a website for a dental clinic yourself, follow these tips to ensure an increase in the number of visitors:

1. Fluid navigation

Regarding the layout, dental clinic websites must ensure easy navigation, not overloading visitors with excessive colors, fonts and formats. Bearing in mind that patients are looking for a safe, reliable and professional place to have their teeth treated, websites for clinics must be modern, but sober and objective. And they must be very well organized, because if visitors have to waste time trying to figure out how to access the information they want, they will give up and look for a solution to their problem at a competitor’s dental clinic.

2. Responsiveness and loading speed

Bearing in mind that most users access the Internet via smartphone, dental clinic websites must be responsive, that is, they must adapt their content to screens of all sizes to ensure good reading. They must also have a good loading speed, because modern users (they are always in a hurry) refuse to wait more than 3 seconds for opening a page on the Internet.

3. Relevant Content

It is true that design is fundamental to attract users, but even if you have a beautiful and modern website, if you do not have quality content you will not be able to retain visitors. Therefore, you should develop information about your dental clinic and medical team, about all specialties and services and also, in addition to contacts, about payment methods and a list of agreements with insurers.

4. SEO Optimization

At this moment, to retain visitors you already know that your website has to have an appealing design and relevant content, but how to bring new visitors to your clinic? With SEO optimization for search engines, of course! Otherwise, you cannot get your website to appear in the first places of search results when your potential patients search for “dental clinics”, “implants”, “invisible braces”, “gingivitis”, “tooth abscess” and many others expressions. Don’t know what SEO optimization is? We explain quickly: it is a set of techniques adopted by website creators that make the pages easily found by search engines, and then listed in the search results of users who search for a certain keyword. That’s why the first thing to do to optimize dental clinic websites with SEO strategies is to search for the best keywords related to the services offered and the geographic area of the office. Still, relevant content, responsiveness, loading speed and internal and external links also contribute to better ranking.

5. Specific functions

A button saying “buy now” makes no sense on a dental clinic website, but there are other specific features for this area of activity that captivate customers and increase conversion rates, such as CTAs or calls to action for appointment booking forms and forms for information requests, online chats to clarify doubts, integration with social networks, clinic location map and blog with relevant stories.

6. Intuitive backoffice

Now that your site has an enviable layout, quality content optimized with SEO and specific features to increase the conversion rate, it is necessary to ensure the existence of an efficient backoffice. And that’s because the Internet is constantly changing and, in order to respond to new consumption habits, you’ll have to update your website frequently, so it’s a good idea to have access to a simple, agile and intuitive platform.

7. Google Analytics

And finally, to constantly check the results of these improvements and confirm the profitability of the investment in a quality website, you have to monitor it using Google Analytics to obtain information about the behavior of visitors: how many users have entered the website in the last week, which pages saw, how long they stayed, how many appointment booking forms were filled out, etc.

For more information, also read our article on digital marketing for dentists or click to contact Webfarus, an agency specializing in the creation of clinical dental sites.

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