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10 reasons why you should have one!

Selling on the internet is profitable it is no longer debatable. The numbers are growing in Portugal and in the world. But do you know what are the main advantages of having an e-commerce?


Online Shop | Faro Algarve

The Algarve is a land of very attractive regional products. Figs, almonds, carob. An online store would take these products everywhere in the world. The tourist who was delighted with his physical store could continue to buy for friends from his online store.


It can be said that the biggest advantage in online shopping is the prices, because the low operating cost allows the values ​​to be much more attractive than in physical stores. Having a virtual store has many advantages, we can mention some of them:


1. Availability

Open store and products available to the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on holidays and weekends, at no additional cost. For most physical establishments, operating beyond business hours requires extra payment to employees. The Online Store can be a complement to the physical store or a purely virtual enterprise. The customer has no time to buy, it will depend exclusively on the consumer’s availability, it may be before work or at dawn, who chooses the time that is convenient for him is the customer himself.


2. More information about the product

There is the advantage of being able to present all the product information, such as brand, model, size, weight, dimensions, quality photos, explanatory videos, price, freight and delivery time. The customer is completely enlightened.


In addition, offering the customer a page where you can evaluate the product, leaving a testimonial, showing your opinion, the pros and cons, make them feel free to speak and the next customers feel reliable and safe to buy.


3. Access

It allows access at any time using a smartphone, tablet, computer, notebook, etc., which has access to the internet.


4. Low operating cost

Low initial investment compared to investing in a physical store (rental or purchase of the property, hiring employees, taxes, furniture, decoration, cleaning, among others). There is no need to hire salespeople, and there is also no payment of commissions, allowing higher profit margins or operating with attractive discount lines for the consumer.


5. Term

To build an online structure is much faster and much less bureaucratic than building a physical company.


6. Scope

It allows a wide geographic reach while the physical store only reaches customers in the city and region, a virtual store reaches all national and international territory.


7. Reports

Possibility to monitor your business and control the results, the stock, the number of sales, the monthly invoicing, besides knowing the profile of the customers, the level of satisfaction, etc. It is possible to understand what the customer is really looking for, analyze campaign results, conversion rates and thus create communication and sales strategies. Planning and controlling the results is essential to live the progress of e-commerce.


8. Comfort

Greater convenience in buying and receiving the product in the comfort of home, without having to face traffic, queues at parking lots and that annoying salesman asking “can I help? Oh, it was beautiful!!! 🙂


9. Greater variety of products

Ease, agility and the diversification of products, prices and brands available in the same place, make many more conversions (sales), after all, if the consumer finds all the products he wants in the same virtual store, he will not need to pay different sizes, from different stores.


10. Better prices, bigger discounts, more forms of payment

There is the possibility to find, in the virtual commerce, payment terms much more attractive than physical stores. The physical store has a much higher operating cost than a virtual store and a lower product turnover, that is, the value has to be higher to achieve a good profit margin.

Most online stores offer several forms of payment such as credit / debit card, bank transfer, PayPal and MBWay.


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