Content Marketing - What is it?

Content marketing, in general, means producing an informercial, which can be in the form of texts, articles, posts for social networks, ebooks, with relevance and usefulness for the target audience, thus attracting potential customers. Content marketing aims to provide the audience with important content that helps them, and is really differentiating, it attractive and relevant. Through these contents, the company has a great opportunity to show its creativity and thus draw the public’s attention without having to directly advertise its products and services.

And in what ways can I apply my Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is not just writing text on the website or blog or making a post on social media, hoping that the results will appear immediately. It is necessary to know well what content you are going to write, when, where, for whom and for what purpose.

Some forms of Content Marketing can be:

  • Blog;
  • Posts in Social Networks;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Landing Pages;
  • E-books;
  • Videos;
  • Infographics;
  • Podcasts;
  • Applications;
  • Online Site;
  • Webinars.

What are the goals?

1. Generate website traffic

For a good SEO strategy, it is necessary to have good content marketing. Both aspects are well connected and help each other. If the company produces good content, which is rich and useful, this will generate links and shares, making your site automatically gain more views and gain prominence in the position of search engines.


2. Increase awareness

If you produce good content, you will capture the interest of your target audience and interact more with the audience. When we have good texts, articles, posts, videos or email marketing, our brand is seen in a better light and obviously this creates greater awareness of our brand. Gradually, the public will show a greater interest in our company. This is simple to exemplify: when I read an article on a blog or see a post on Facebook that catches my attention and that I feel has contributed to something I know, I will want to find out more about the work of that brand. This is very positive.


3. Generate leads

Your content will generate organic traffic as people’s trust in your work will increase. People will then feel more confident about your services or products and when they really want to go ahead with the purchase they will remember your company thanks to the good content.

The list of organic leads that you can conquer with good Content Marketing is extremely important for future business.


4. Customer retention and loyalty

If we offer a rich experience to the public, we will not only be trying to capture new customers, but retain the ones we already have. It is important to continue to provide good experiences to those who have been with us longer.


5. Increase sales

Leads can turn into real customers and sales are much more likely to happen when we catch the attention of our target audience with content that interests them.


1. Content Marketing takes time

It takes time, patience and work to get your content marketing strategy to get you to your goals. Don’t expect to start writing blog posts today and increase your views and sales over night. It takes time to build the algorithm and lead them in the right direction. Once it learns, it will then contribute to the SEO and promote your website in the top search.


2. Know and analyse your target audience

Search through keyword tools, which are the most searched terms by your target audience. Understand if what you are going to write is really useful to those people and if they will be interested in your content. It’s no use for content to be good, but not meeting what the market is looking for.


3. Be consistent

Initially determine the frequency of your content. How many posts will you publish? How many articles per week will you include on your blog? Keep this open so that users get used to this consistency.


4. Talk about topics inherent to your brand

If you have a hairdressing salon, it’s not worth talking about sports equipment. Your content strategy must be well aligned with your business or its service.

Content Marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies a brand can implement. Remember that good content must fall in love with those who read it.
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