Congratulations, Mr. Entrepreneur

Please accept my thanks for encouraging entrepreneurship!

Accept my tribute on this November 25th, National Entrepreneur’s Day!


Your economic role is crucial to the production and circulation of goods and services in the marketplace and to the increase of wealth in a given region. But, more than that, I owe to your social role in the improvement of people’s quality of life: satisfying the needs and desires of consumers; generating jobs; ensuring good working conditions for employees and the well-being of families; paying taxes and contributions, and preserving the environment. In essence, enabling social and economic development without irresponsibly pursuing the idea of profit. Still, I am glad to know that you receive a good profit for your activity. It is fair. More than fair, because that profit was earned through hard work and perseverance, and is currently being put to good use… possibly in new investments that will leverage the country’s economic development.


Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Behind a profitable business there is always a successful entrepreneur! A man or woman who at some point realized that he or she didn’t necessarily have to work for someone else, that he or she could be the mentor of his or her own business. And that’s the message I want to pass on to young students, regardless of the level of education they are in. All jobs are valid and equally important (from the employee to the boss), so they can either strive to work in a strong and credible company, or generate their own activity that contributes to the welfare of the community in a broad and responsible way. But to do this, it is advisable to develop some characteristics common to successful entrepreneurs… What do these people look like?

  • They are self-confident. They believe in their opinions and decisions.
  • They are efficient. Regardless of resources, they are able to take advantage of what is available to them and get started, if only by working alone!
  • They are capable of taking risks. They don’t throw themselves into the dark, but they know that this thing about investing in a calculated way is a myth.
  • They are courageous. They inform themselves, plan, calculate risks, but they don’t stop taking risks with innovative solutions and products.
  • They are persistent. They don’t give up at the first setback or mistake.
  • They are demanding. What they have done is very good, but what they will do tomorrow will be even better!
  • They have the spirit of initiative. They constantly look for new business opportunities and have the ability to take an idea off the paper.
  • They have perseverance. They accept and overcome difficulties.
  • They are the people who surround themselves with talents. They recruit their teams, competent employees able to respond to market challenges.
  • They are unable to criticize openly. They prefer to deal with problems in a constructive way.
  • They create productivity and creative work spaces, so that their teams feel comfortable and motivated to achieve their goals.
  • They are hard-working. But although focused more on work, they manage to balance their professional life with their personal, family and social lives.
  • They are clear and objective. They set goals, rules, and make commitments.
  • They are capable of delegating. They assign the tasks that they can and should to whom they are entitled to, but they do not pass on control and responsibility for the work!
  • They are leaders. They are not bosses or bosses! They are people who manage teams and encourage them.
  • They are for teamwork. They know that good results are born from working together, and they foster pride in the commitment sealed among all.
  • They are inspiring and motivating. They encourage employees to think outside the box and recognize the value and contribution of each one, on the path to better results for the company.
  • They are entrepreneurs who give and receive feedback. Through comments and evaluations, they understand what they are doing right and what they need to change.
  • They are promoters of the organizational culture. They pursue a set of values that elevate a company’s work, namely transparency and accountability.
  • They are, in short, a group of professionals who have chosen the most laborious path, but also the most challenging and rewarding.

Happy National Entrepreneur’s Day and congratulations to all who got there… and wish to get there!

Article published in the Diário Online Newspaper, Southern Region

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