11 Characteristic of a Good Website

The website is your store-window to the world and the basis of any digital marketing campaign. Here are the top features that a good website should have!

01. Attractive design

It is often said that the first thing we notice in the first few seconds when we first see a person is their external image. At that first impact we don’t know what the person is like. If they are nice, good professional or rude. So, the first impression is what we first see visually.

Now, it’s the same with a website. We haven’t really navigated the website to know if it will capture our attention and draw customers, but we can capture the general idea of that brand upon the loaded website. An attractive design will grab the attention of the site visitors.

The colours of a website are extremely important and should give priority to those that are connected to the visual identity of the brand. It is good for the customer to become familiar with those colours and associate them with your brand.

We should choose a template that reflects the company’s message. If it is a more sophisticated brand it is important that the site design is clean. If the brand is for children it should have a more childlike design and cheerful colours.

Information should also be placed hierarchically and strategically. It is essential that when a user enters the page, he or she can locate the menus intuitively.

Use a font that are easy to read and is attractive.

When we visit a site that has an unattractive design, and basic, with a bad structure therefore can automatically “Our will” to navigate that page un-motivating. When we enter a beautiful site, with an attractive image will lead “Our will” to stay with the website will increase significantly.

02. Responsive design

Having a responsive design means that your website’s design adapts well to any device whether on a PC or a mobile phone, regardless of its screen resolution. If a site is compatible and responsive to any screen the probability of attracting more audience is high therefore generating more traffic is much higher.

A responsive website adapts the size of images and other elements so that it remains proportional to the screen regardless of the device the user is using.

03.Intuitive Site

This is a basic rule for the website to be successful. The site must be simple, easy to navigate and effortless. So, when the user visits your company’s site, he/she can navigate without difficulty and find the information he/she needs. If we visit a website that is too complex or too simple, and we can’t easily find the information, we will quickly exit the website. Nobody wants to continue to navigate in a site that is not intuitive and that doesn’t give us the answers we are looking for.

04. Relevant content

Why will your website stand out from others? If we create useful content for those who will read it and give a slightly different approach than others, we will hold the attention of the site visitors.

There are 3 essential things in a site with good content:

  1. Good Text – And by good text we mean that the content is actually relevant to the person reading it and that it is well written. Nobody likes to go to a brand’s website and find spelling mistakes in their content, do they?
  2. Originality – Why would I visit your website and not another website from a brand in the same industry as yours? What sets yours apart? Your content should be light, complete, correct, unique and original. Bring to your site new perspectives and new approaches to that particular topic.
  3. Images – Use good images and videos. The visual part of the site makes the visitor connect emotionally to your website. Pay attention to the copyrights of each image.

05. Visible contacts and information

A good website must have its contacts clearly visible.

It is essential to have the address, phone contact, email, office hours and other basic information about the brand. This information should be highlighted so that it is easy for a customer to find it.

All of your company’s products and services should be clearly mentioned. A customer goes to your website to learn about your company. Therefore, it is essential that your offer to the customers is well detailed on the website. If you have a store, having a physical store corresponding with your website is also a great way to increase sales.

06. Security

It is important that your website is securely hosted and has mechanisms in place to prevent hacker attacks.

All customers visiting your site should feel safe and know that they are browsing a website that is protected and trusted. Otherwise, you may lose a lot of customers with an unsecured site. Moreover, no brand wants to risk losing data and suffering from cyber-attacks.

Learn more about this topic in our article: How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Hacker Attacks | Algarve (webfarus.com)

07. Loading Speed

The loading speed of your site should be fast, otherwise the potential customer will give up on your page. Nobody likes to access a site and wait forever for it to load. If your site is fast the user will be motivated to hang around with your brand.

08. Site with SEO

With a good SEO strategy, we can make the page more attractive to the algorithms of search engines like Google. If we work well with the techniques, our site has a higher probability of appearing on the top first results and found easily by your potential target audience.

The use of the correct keywords is fundamental aspect of creating optimized content. It is essential to develop a good planning of this particular aspect because a great site has great SEO.

09. Frequent maintenance

A good site must have good maintenance. It is important to update the contents of the site regularly and to improve overall aspects. You should test the site, point out flaws and write down any other improvements that need to be made.

10. Interactivity

A good site creates a connection with users, encouraging them to contact the company to ask questions, to buy. They should even have a form on the website where users can give suggestions and views.

11. Have a Blog

Having a blog on your website can help optimize your page. In this content you can include keywords that you didn’t include in the rest of the website. Also having a blog on the website allows you to develop articles of interest to the customers and to take advantage of these contents for the company’s social networks, generating more traffic by sharing.

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